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 California State University, Fullerton



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Freshman Programs Peer Mentors are upper-division students who join a First-Year Success Team along with a faculty member and student services professional to support first-year students in a section of University Studies 100:  Foundations for College Success and Lifelong Learning. The Peer Mentor plays an active role in class activities and meets with individual students to serve as a resource and role model.


The goal of the Peer Mentor Program is to provide mentors with the knowledge and skills to foster academic success, encourage campus involvement and promote community engagement for first-year students.  The Peer Mentors are supervised and supported by the professional staff members of Freshman Programs as well as by the faculty and student services professional that they are teamed with.  Peer Mentors help Freshman Programs achieve their goals by participating in the University Studies 100 class section they are assigned to and playing an active role in class discussions, collaborating with First-Year Success Team members, and meeting with individual students to serve as a role model and mentor.