About Academic Programs

The Office of Academic Programs has responsibility for the planning, direction, and coordination of academic curriculum, programs, and policies for undergraduate and graduate education, general education, university advisement,  and various other university and system-wide programmatic initiatives.

Curriculum is

Collaborating with the faculty to offer students the best of current practice, theory and research, and integrate professional studies with preparation in the arts and sciences. With the Directors of Undergraduate Studies & General Education and Graduate Studies, the Office of Academic Programs ensures Cal State Fullerton provides high-quality degree programs that meet the evolving needs of our students, community and region, as well as meets state and national requirements for higher education.

Quality is

Systematically gathering and reporting on evidence of student learning and program performance and using it to improve educational outcomes. Working in collaboration with the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and other stakeholders, the Office of Academic Programs ensures the Quality of all Academic Programs at Cal State Fullerton.

Student Success is

Providing students with opportunities to grow intellectually and socially, complete their college education, and fulfill their potential. The Office of Academic Programs oversees the

to ensure Student Success.