Retired Courses Effective Fall 2020

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Course Name Course Description GE Designation
AFAM 196 Tutorial  
AFAM 485 Educational Equality  
AMST 402 Religion And Amer Culture  
AMST 433 Visual Arts/Contemp Amer  
AMST 440 American Folk Culture  
ANTH 106 Great Discov in Archaeology  
ANTH 370 Anthro Of Non-West Films  
ANTH 407 Anthro Video Production  
ANTH 408 Ethnogerontology  
ANTH 409 Applied Anthropology  
ANTH 419 Anthropology of Risk  
ANTH 430 Archaeology of Household Space  
ANTH 470 Survey of Anthro Films  
ANTH 497 Cultural Investigations  
ARAB 499 Independent Study  
ART 247 Intro Lino/Woodcut Prints  
ART 302 Medieval Art  
ART 377 Alt Figure Representation  
ART 463 Native North American Art  
ART 472 Art of the Southwest  
ART 318B Portraiture  
ART 347B Printmaking-Lithography  
ART 488T Topics in Creative Photo  
ART 503B Visual Dev & Background Paintg  
ART 580T Grad Topics: Art History  
ART 588T Grad Topics: Photography  
BIOL 171 Evolution/Biodiversity B.2*
BIOL 172 Cellular Basis of Life B.2*
BIOL 304 Supv Biol Lab Instruction  
BIOL 330 Sustn Ecol: Amer Indian Models B.5
BIOL 344 Survey of the Land Plants  
BIOL 442 Pollination Biology  
BIOL 447 Ethnobotany  
BIOL 467 Entomology  
BIOL 474 Natural Hist Vertebrates  
BIOL 477 Advances In Biotechnology  
BIOL 564 Stem Cell Research  
BIOL 564L Stem Cell Research Laboratory  
BUAD 598 Thesis  
CAS 323 Primary-Age Development  
CHEM 303A Biotechnology: Bus & Soc B.5
CHEM 303B Biotechnology: Medical B.5
CHEM 303C Biotechnology: Ag & Envir B.5
CHEM 580T Topics Advanced Chemistry  
CHIC 196 Tutorial  
CHIC 360 Chicanos and the Law  
COMM 560 Socio-Cultural Tourism & Ent  
COMM 561 Tourism: Pro Practices  
COMM 562 Destination Develop & Comm  
COMSR 300B Alcohol Dep Em  
COUN 598 Thesis  
CPLT 367 Intro to Law and Literature  
CPLT 575T Sem: Topics in Teaching  
CPSC 477 Introduction to Grid Computing  
CPSC 495 Internship  
CPSC 223H Visual Basic Programming  
CPSC 491T Variable Topics om CPSC  
CST 401 Mult Subj Cred Module 1  
CST 402 Mult Subj Cred Module 2  
CST 403 Mult Subj Cred Module 3  
CST 404 Mult Subj Cred Module 4  
CST 411 Mult Subj Module 1A  
CST 412 Mult Subj Cred Module 1B  
CST 421 Mult Subj Cred Module 1  
CST 401S Supervision  
CST 421A  Mult Subj Cred Module 1A  
CST 422A Mult Subj Cred Module 2A  
CST 422B Mult Subj Cred Module 2B  
ECON 351 European Economic History  
EDD 696 Dir Study Educational Research  
EDEL 521 The Study Of Teaching  
EDEL 535 Grst Eled: Rdg In La Prog  
EDEL 539 Clin Sup: Analyzg Eff Tchg  
EDEL 553 Models Of Teaching  
EDSC 530 Grad Studies in Math Ed  
EDSC 598 Thesis  
EGCE 549 Theory Elastic Stability  
EGCE 550 Maj Comm Pro Dev & Mgmt  
EGCE 559 Envmt & Public Transp Reg  
EGCE 563 Adv Prestres/Reinf Concrt  
EGCE 566 Design Of Tall Buildings  
EGEE 407 Dig Comp Arch/Design I  
EGEE 412 Dig Comp Arch/Design II  
EGEE 424 Comp Sim Continuous Systems  
EGEE 527 Fault Diag & Tolerant Dsn  
EGEE 585 Optimization Tech Sys Egr  
EGEE 587 Operational Analysis Tech  
EGEE 519A Parallel & Multiprocessing  
EGEE 519B Comp Networks/Internet  
EGEE 558A Microprocessors+System Ap  
ENGL 367 Intro to Law and Literature  
ENGL 374 Gothic Novel  
ENGL 510 Rhet Analysis  
ENGL 575T Sem: Topics in Teaching  
ENST 540 Prof Practice in ENST  
EUST 315 A European Tour D.4*
EUST 399 Directed Study  
EUST 495 European Studies Internship  
EUST 499 Independent Study  
FIN 373 Asia Pac Fin & Sec Mrkts  
FIN 489 Adv Financial Analysis  
FLED 307 FL Technology  
GEOG 336 Europe  
GEOG 342 The Middle East D.4*
GEOG 344 Africa  
GEOG 427 Mountain Environments  
GEOG 431 Hum Resp to Env Hazards  
GEOG 475 Interpret Urban Landscape  
GEOG 480 Field Mapping  
GEOG 488 Land Use Analysis  
GEOL 455 Earthquake Seismology  
GEOL 555T Adv Topics in Geophysics  
GERO 410 Women, Health and Aging  
GERO 462 Advanced Psychology of Aging  
GERO 504T Selected Topics in Geron  
HCOM 435 Comm Building & Civic  
HCOM 438 Prin of Rhetoricl Critcsm  
HIST 425C Soc/Culture Early Modrn Europe  
HIST 429C The Eastern Front  
HIST 430A Enlightenment/Revolution  
HIST 434A Russia to 1801  
HIST 434B Mod Russia & Sov Regime  
HIST 437B Gender/Sexuality Mod Euro Hist  
HIST 479C U.S. Economic History II  
HUSR 196 Tutorial  
IS 192 International Studies  
IS 592 International Studies  
ISDS 576 Bus Modeling & Simulation  
ITAL 299 Directed Study  
ITAL 499 Independent Study  
KNES 190 Team Management  
KNES 557 Inst Strat In Pe & Sport  
KORE 499 Independent Study  
MATH 390 Intro Actuarial Science  
MATH 436 Adv Applied Statistics  
MGMT 426 Global Operations  
MGMT 511 Quality Function Mgmt & TQM  
MGMT 570 Commercializatn of Technology  
MGMT 495E Internship  
MLNG 196 Tutorial  
MSW 513 Advanced Child Practice II  
MSW 515 Adv Pract II: Comm Mntl Hlth  
MSW 531 MSW Research II  
MSW 561 SW Practice and the Law  
MUS 196 Tutorial  
MUS 306 Business of Music  
MUS 308 Music of the Middle East C.4*
MUS 496 Tutorial  
MUS 408V Chamber Choir  
MUS 570V Vocal Literature Seminar  
NURS 541 Reproductive Pathophysiology  
NURS 548 Primary Care Common Prob II  
NURS 554 Prim Care - Obst Hlth  
NURS 558 Primary Care of Peds Pts  
NURS 560 Adult/Geriatric Health  
NURS 564 Primary Care Procedures  
NURS 401 Legal Aspects  
NURS 529L Health Teaching Lab  
NURS 534L STAH Practicum  
NURS 545L APN Clinical Practicum I  
NURS 548B Primary Care Common Prob II  
NURS 554L  APN Clinical Practicum III  
NURS 558L APN Clinical Practicum IV  
NURS 560L APN Clinical Practicum V  
NURS 568L Adv Clinical Practicum VI  
NURS 598B Thesis  
PHIL 341 Assumptions Psychotherapy D.4
PHIL 384 Philosphy of the Body  
PHIL 348 Philosophy Of Religion  
PHIL 384 Philosophy of the Body  
PHIL 448 Death, Aging & Meaning  
PHIL 496 Tutorial  
PHIL 354T Topics in Buddhism  
PHIL 447T Sem in Selected Problems  
PHYS 460T Topics Contemp Physics  
PHYS 530B Electromagnetic Theory II  
PHYS 560T Advanced Topics  
POSC 493 Teaching Internship  
POSC 494 Honors Tutorial Politics  
PSYC 462 Advanced Psychology of Aging  
RLST 320 The End of the World  
RLST 346 Vietnamese Buddhism C.4*
RLST 358 Comparative Mysticism C.4
RLST 397 Religion & Science E
RLST 350T Major Christian Tradition  C.4
SCED 597 Project  
SCED 599 Indep Graduate Research  
SPAN 299 Directed Study  
SPAN 515 Span Culture in the Southwest  
SPAN 598 Thesis  
TESL 545 Tchg Cult in Lang Class  
TESL 449E Externship Secondary Teach  
THED 449I Internship Secondry Teach  
THTR 193 Voice Instruction  
THTR 293 Voice Instruction  
THTR 496 Tutorial  
THTR 589 Set Design, Practice and Craft  
THTR 598 Thesis  
THTR 403A Theat for Young Audiences  
THTE 403B Theat for Young Audiences  
VIET 214 Vietnamese Cultural Conv & Com C.2
VIET 300 Viet Health & Human Services  
VIET 305 Advanced Vietnamese - A  
WGST 330 Women in Leadership E*
WGST 410 Women, Health and Aging