JULY 2020


elaine frey

CSUF Welcomes First Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies

Dr. Elaine Frey, who has worked to enhance the graduate student experience for nearly a decade, started this month as Cal State Fullerton’s first Assistant Vice President of Graduate Studies. In her new role, Frey is responsible for the management and direction of graduate education and graduate students university-wide, including evaluating graduate student progress, advisement and achievement; as well as delivering training for graduate program advisers and support staff, among other duties.





lmsa-plus club

Tuffy Awards: Pre-med group wins ‘Student Organization of the Year’

After a year filled with workshops, speaker engagements and other community-building activities, the Latino Medical Student Association-Pre-Medical Latino Undergraduate Society (LMSA-PLUS) won the Tuffy Award for Student Organization of the Year at the annual ceremony, which was held virtually at the conclusion of the spring semester.