Data Source Paths:

Within current site:
Another campus site:

Need help? Using a data source tutorial Opens in new window * Using content elements require Campus templates 4.0.92 or greater

1) Choose a transition

2) Choose a color scheme

3) Choose a layout

4) Choose arrow style

5) Choose height

6) Choose width

7) Choose time for slide

8) Slide Start

How to use this style

  • Choose options from the 6 settings above
    The style will automatically build in the CSS STYLE preview
  • Copy the entire CSS STYLE preview
  • On the page(s) where you use the slide show, open the page properties and paste the CSS STYLE into CSS Style option for the section where you plan to display the slideshow

Changes to the style on this page only help to build the style preview, it will not automatically update your content pages.

Did you know that this slideshow can be displayed differently on the same or different pages?

All slides will remain the same and if you change the slides you only need to publish this page.

Preview - You must publish the file before you will see a preview:

When you're happy with the look copy the style above and paste into the CSS Style on page properties.

Last Published 10/9/19