Domestic Departures

October 27 - December 16, 2007
Curators | Jacqueline Bunge and Joanna Grasso

About the Exhibition

Domestic Departures features eight contemporary female artists, together with special guest artist William Kentridge, whose works seek to redefine domestic environments, settings, and spaces, while leading the viewer into foreign and unexpected territories. The audience is invited to share in a new destination, a contemporary forum within which the artist’s perspective is explored. This escapade is laden with childhood fantasies, household objects, and female role-playing, all laced with a bitter sense of irony and nostalgia.
Traditional techniques are applied to contemporary mediums, such as installation, photography, mixed media, performance, and the incorporation of found objects. Viewers are shuttled through dream-like states in artworks by Amy Cutler and Christina Y. Smith, jolted from comfort to claustrophobia with Carrie Yury, Kiki Smith and Rosemarie Shakinovsky, and the all too familiar becomes exotic when Ruby Osorio, Candice Smith Corby, and Claire Gavronsky disrupt conventional environments.

Candice Smith Corby
Amy Cutler
Claire Gavronsky & Rosemarie Shakinovsky, showing as Rosenclaire
Ruby Osorio
Christina Y. Smith
Kiki Smith
Kara Walker
Carrie Yury
Special Guest Artist, William Kentridge

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