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  • Calendar title goes here
    • Month Date
      day  (shift enter)
    • The first line is the title
    • then you can add as much or as little information as you want.
    •  month Date
    • next line is a title
    • again more information.  This is all nested UL > LI
    • Month and date
    • title
    • text

The calendar is just created using a nested bulleted list.  To help in the editing it will look different when you're in edit mode vs preview or published mode.  The first LI is for the title and you can center the text if you want just use the tools in the editor to center the text.

Then when you want to add a date you just create another li and then nest another LI using the indent key in the toolbar (next to the blockquote).  Honestly it gets messy with the editor most time messing up the code.  If you run into troubles you may have better luck just working the HTML editor mode and then you can edit the text after you get the main structure created.


<li>Top title</li>


<li>This is the date</li>

<li>This is the title</li>

<li>This is the information</li>



<li><ul>....repeat for each day</ul></li>


that's the structure. :)  It will go 3 items across and then the next item will automatically move down the next line.  On a phone each day should be one on top of the other in portrait mode.

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