Erin (Misty) Paig-Tran

Contact Information

Office: DBH 249

Phone: 657-278-5921


Erin (Misty) Paig-Tran

associate Professor


PhD, University of Washington

BS, California State University, Long Beach

Research Areas

Research Areas: Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Biomimetics, and Biomaterials

Special focus on: Mechanics of Filter-feeding with emphasis on large pelagic elasmobranchs, Modeling of biomimetic filter systems, Material properties of skeletal elements in mesopelagic fishes

Courses Regularly Taught

Human Anatomy (cadaver based), Ichthyology, Field Marine Biology

Taught at Friday Harbor Laboratory: Functional Morphology and Ecology of Fishes


Paig-Tran, E.W.M. and Summers, A.P. (2013). Comparison of the structure and composition of the branchial filters of suspension feeding elasmobranchs. The Anatomical Record.  701-715.

Paig-Tran, E.W.M., Kleinteich, T. and Summers, A.P. (2013). The filter pads and filtration mechanisms of the devil rays: variation at macro and microscopic scales. J  MORPH.  274(9): 1026-1043.

Paig-Tran, E.W.M., Bizzarro, J.J., Strother, J.A. and Summers, A.P. (2011). Bottles as models: predicting the effects of varying swimming speed and morphology on size selectivity and filtering efficiency in fishes.  J EXP BIOL  214: 1643-654.