Jennifer Burnaford

Contact Information

Office: MH 103D

Phone: 657-278-2382


Jennifer Burnaford



PhD, Oregon State University

BA, Dartmouth College

Research Areas

Marine community ecology, species interactions, abiotic factors influencing species distributions

Courses Regularly Taught

Evolution & Biodiversity, Phycology, Coastal Ecology


Miner, C.M., J.L. Burnaford, R.F. Ambrose, L. Antrim, H. Bohlmann, C.A. Blanchette, J.M. Engle, S.C. Fradkin, R. Gaddam, C.D.G. Harley, B.G. Miner, S.N. Murray, J.R. Smith, S.G. Whitaker, and P.T. Raimondi (2018). Large-scale impacts of sea star wasting disease (SSWD) on intertidal sea stars and implications for recovery. PLOS ONE, in press.


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* indicates a student co-author