Merri Lynn Casem

Contact Information

Office: MH 112

Phone: 657-278-3614


Merri Lynn Casem

Professor & AVP Undergraduate Programs/GE


PhD, University of California, Riverside

BA, California State University Fullerton

Research Areas

Biology Education - Curricular design and student learning

Cellular and Developmental Biology of Black Widow Spiders

Courses Regularly Taught

Cell and Molecular Biology, Advanced Cell Lab-Microscopy, Integrative Biology of Spider Silk, Intermediate Cell Biology.


Casem, M.L. , Collin, M.A., Ayoub, N.A. and Hayashi, C.Y. 2010. Silk gene transcripts in the developing tubuliform silk glands in the Western black widow, Latrodectus hesperus . J. Arachnology 38: 99-103.

Casem, M.L. 2006 Active learning is not enough. Journal of College Science Teaching . 35(6):52-57.

Casem, M.L. 2006 Student Perspectives on Curricular Change: Lessons from an Undergraduate  Lower Division Biology Core. CBE – Life Sciences Education . 5:65-75.

Casem, M.L. 2005 Concept Coach: an online activity that addresses student misconceptions and  supports learning. Exchanges: The Online Journal of Teaching and Learning in the CSU ( in new window ).

Casem, M.L ., Tran , L*., and Moore, A.M.F. 2002 Ultrastructure of the major ampullate gland of the  black widow spider, Latrodectus hesperus. Tissue and Cell 34 (6): 427-436. 

* indicates a student co-author