Douglas J. Eernisse

Contact Information


Office: MH 217C

Phone: 657-278-3749

Douglas J. Eernisse




PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, 

BA, University of Washington

Research Areas

Animal phylogeny, evolution of Mollusca, marine zoology, systematics, population genetics, bioinformatics

Courses Regularly Taught

Evolution, Field Marine Biology, Molecular Systematics


Vendrasco, M. J., D. J. Eernisse, C. L. Powell, II, and C. Z. Fernandez. 2012. Polyplacophora (Mollusca) from the San Diego Formation: A remarkable assemblage of fossil chitons from the Pliocene of southern California. Contributions in Science, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, 520:15-72.


Speiser, D. I., D. J. Eernisse, and S. Johnsen. 2011. A chiton uses aragonite lenses to form images. Current Biology 21: 665-670.


Eernisse, D. J., M. F. Strathmann, and R. R. Strathmann. 2010. Henricia pumila sp. nov.: A brooding seastar (Asteroidea) from the coastal northeastern Pacific. Zootaxa , 2329: 22- 36.


Stebbins, T. D. and D. J. Eernisse. 2009. Chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) known from benthic monitoring programs in the Southern California Bight. Festivus (Special Issue) 41(6): 53-100.


Puchalski, S. S., C. C. Johnson, E. G. Kauffman, and D. J. Eernisse. 2009. A new genus and two new species of multiplacophorans (Mollusca, Polyplacophora, Neoloricata), Mississippian (Chesterian), Indiana. Journal of Paleontology 83: 423-431.