Michael H. Horn

Contact Information

Office: DBH 249

Phone: 657-278-3707

Email: mhorn@fullerton.edu

Michael H. Horn

Professor (Not Taking Graduate Students)


PhD, Harvard University

MS, University of Oklahoma

BS Northeastern State University

Research Areas

Ecology and physiology of fish-plant interactions in coastal seas and tropical rain forests, fish herbivory, seabird feeding ecology, landscape-scale conservation biology

Courses Regularly Taught

Biogeography, Ichthyology, Conservation Biology, Professional Aspects of Biology


Horn, M. H., S. B. Correa, P. Parolin, B. J. A. Pollux, J. T. Anderson, C. Lucas, P. Widmann, A. Tjiu, M. Galetti and M. Goulding (2011) Seed dispersal by fishes in tropical and temperate fresh waters: the growing evidence. Acta Oecologica 37: 561-577 (published online 1 August, doi:10.1016/j.actao.2011.06.004)


Horn, M. H. (2010) Global warming and overexploitation in the northeastern Pacific: challenges driving the need for sustainability, p. 405-418. In Climate change and sustainable development (R. A. Reck, ed.). Linton Atlantic Books, Ltd., Chicago


Sotka, E. E., J. Forbey, M. Horn, A. G. B. Poore, D. Raubenheimer and K. E. Whalen (2009) The emerging role of pharmacology in understanding consumer-prey interactions in marine and freshwater systems. Integrative and Comparative Biology 49: 291-313.


Albrecht, M. P., E. P. Caramaschi and M. H. Horn. (2009) Population responses to impoundment by two omnivorous fish species in a Brazilian tropical river. Hydrobiologia627(1): 181-193(published online 26 February 2009)


Horn, M. H. (2007) Global warming and overexploitation in the Northeastern Pacific: challenges that drive the need for solutions to achieve  sustainability. Forum topic: Global warming and sustainable development. Forum on Public Policy , A Journal of the Oxford Round Table 3(4): 325-336