Cancer Research Education Program


The Cancer Research Education Program (CREP) is the educational component of the CSUF/UCI-CFCCC Cancer Health Equity Research Partnership (CHERP), whose goal it is to increase the quality of cancer-related research and training that address the diversity health needs of populations in Orange County and California. 

The CREP approach to training capitalizes on the enormous diversity of both campuses to offer curricular, research exposure, and synergistic experiences to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students at CSUF and UCI. The CREP is an educational concept with different offerings depending on the needs of students at different stages in their careers. It will incentivize students to pursue successful health-related research careers with emphasis on cancer and cancer health disparities. CREP consists of a three (graduate students) or five (undergraduate students) term educational path that includes high quality instruction, a research experience, and social opportunities and connections that support research education and future careers.




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