Orange County Data Acquisition Partnership (OCDAP)

The Orange County Data Acquisition Partnership (OCDAP) is a collaborative data acquisition program for digital aerial imagery and other electronic geographic data focusing mainly on Orange County, California.

Project Objectives:

  1. Obtain high accuracy aerial imagery (and related products) to support local agencies’ needs, such as land use and asset monitoring, pre-engineering design, and geospatial analyses.
  2. Unify imagery acquisition to improve communication among Orange County and regional agencies.
  3. Eliminate duplicate imagery acquisitions for many agencies and leverage economies of scale to obtain more and better products.
  4. Save taxpayer money and increase efficiency through collaboration. 
  5. Integrate aerial imagery and related products with the participant land use databases and other geographic information system (GIS) layers.


OCDAP Cycle 2 (FY2022/23-FY2023/24)

OCDAP Cycle 2 interested parties can sign up for Cycle 2 by filling out the Cycle 2 Participation Agreement (with instructions) located under Documents & Products .

2/2023 Update: The County of Orange is distributing the Cycle 2 imagery to Active members (those that have signed the Cycle 2 Participation Agreement and paid the Cycle 2 invoices). Access to the online platform is also available to Active members. Visit the Contact page for contact information .

OCDAP Cycle 1 (FY2020/21-FY2021/22)

CONNECT Applications
EagleView has developed a variety of deployment options for your organization to view and measure imagery in your GIS software and web applications. 


Web-based application that accesses imagery stored in the cloud

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Lightweight mobile version of CONNECTExplorer available on iOS or Android devices



ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPro Plug-ins

Gives access to oblique imagery and measurement tools without having to leave application

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CONNECT Training
EagleView has a number of CONNECTExplorer and Admin training videos posted online.