Care Services

What is CSUF Cares?

CSUF Cares is a term that signifies the mission of the Dean of Students Office: to create a culture of care for students, their families, faculty and staff.  Our goal is to provide exemplary programs and services designed to support students' academic and personal success. 


What are Care Services?

The welfare and success of our students is our priority.  Care Services are needed when students experience distress that negatively impacts them academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or physically.  Care Services include:

  • Connecting students to counseling services. 
  • Providing information related to financial aid.
  • Providing information related to the Student Emergency Assistance Program.
  • Connecting them to the Student Success Teams in their college.  This involves helping students meet staff in their colleges who can provide academic advising and career development.
  • Helping students develop healthy plans of action that restore well-being and promote success.  Sometimes this consists of accessing involvement opportunities on campus; helping them problem solve specific challenges; providing university related information.
  • Notifying faculty should they miss class due to hospitalization.
  • In some serious instances, helping students withdraw from their classes.