Care Services

When to Refer a Student?

Different signs of distress could raise concerns. These may be behaviors that you observe or that are reported to you by students, faculty, staff, or visitors.  Examples of circumstances that would be appropriate for a referral and outreach may include, but are not limited to, instances where a student…

  • Appears to be struggling academically or is not attending classes regularly
  • Reports feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable transitioning to campus
  • Experiences feelings of isolation, loneliness, or disconnection from peers
  • Writes about threats to harm self or others
  • Going through family problems, relationship problems/a break-up
  • Experiences the loss of a loved one
  • Lacks a social support network
  • Constantly asks for help with personal problems that are beyond the scope of your role or expertise
  • Is consistently or chronically anxious, stressed, or depressed
  • May otherwise benefit from a personal referral or other personalized outreach to connect the student with support resources available on campus