CSUF Research Reintegration Plan

With the approval from President Virjee, we will gradually resume the research, scholarship, and creative activities that cannot be conducted remotely. Public health information will be continuously monitored and, should negative indicators develop, research, scholarship, and creative activities will be ramped down to an earlier phase. At present, we will allow onsite research, scholarship, and creative activity transitions to levels that equate to approximately 35% of the PI’s usual research effort. Faculty members/PIs wishing to resume on-campus research should review and follow the CSUF guidance for research integration, CSU guidance, available college-specific SWP guidelines, and complete the college-specific or generic research restart application form for approval prior to resuming research, scholarly and creative activities. Before starting onsite research, the self-screening forms mentioned in the CSUF guidance should be used until the electronic forms are available. 

Research Restart Guidance:

CSUF Research Reintegration Forms