Capstone Projects

A capstone project is one or two semester long project for students typically during the final year to demonstrate their culminating experience of the practicum in computer science.

Interdisciplanary Projects

The showcase and competition assembles capstone and collegiate competition projects. Click here for the details.

A challenge designed to spark the interest in the engineering and computer science talent across CSU's to develop projects, products, applications, and solutions utilizing GE's Predix technology for the Industrial Internet. Click here for the details.

Industry Projects

A application to manage data and improve the workflow

A team of students have been developing a website at for potential customers to assist in product development and formulation and inventory management system for the finished products, raw materials, and formulators to better understand the needs of our customer.

As CAM has grown with additions of divisions, we have slowly added/built upon our current Directory Services - Active Directory environment. This has resulted in situations where we have user data/information isn’t as clean as it needs to be. In addition, there is a need at this point to strategically review our current overall AD hierarchy and evaluate for optimization. This effort will also prepare for a future strategic migration to an Microsoft Azure cloud-based Active Directory environment. A team reviewed the company's Active Directory environment and conducted the followings: Assisting with cleanup of our the user data in our Active Directory Evaluating the hierarchy/design and assess according to best practices Providing a recommendation (if any) for migration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Projects from CPSC481 - Artificial Intelligence

This project is to develop a Go game software using Alpha Go and win a tournament.

Song composition, arrangement, and performance using evolutionary algorithm and deep learning.

Music bot is a smart music suggestion app which is much like Pandora or Spotify but hopefully better. Music bot retrieve song data such as rhythm, danceability, genre, etc. The AI module learns by receiving feedback from the users via like and dislike buttons.

This project is to develop a software simulation of self-driving car delivery. Autonomous technology could help reduce costs associated with grocery deliveries by eliminating the need for human drivers. The car needs to find the best route to the destination and successfully avoids obstacles on its way.

This is to develop a video game development project built on top of Unreal Engine 4. In addition to classic Tennis video game, this project implemented an AI bot module which can self-learn and self-improve.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is being used more and more in our day to day lives. This project main goal is to create an application that utilizes facial recognition by combining AI and Biometrics to ensure device security.

Mahjong-Solitaire is a tile-based matching game and its name comes from the four-player game Mahjong. This project is built on top of Unity game engine. A heuristic state space search is implemented to support its AI player.

Tetris is a classic tile-matching video game. Players must complete lines by moving differently shaped pieces to get game scores. This project is built on top of PyGame and implemented Hill-Climbing algorithm for AI game playing.

Minesweeper is a classic single-player puzzle game. The goal of the game is to clear hidden “bombs” in a rectangular board without detonating any of them. This project implemented Machine Learning algorithms based on probability to select unrevealed neighbors.

Eye Fullerton is a mobile application that allows users to simply point their cameras at a building on the CSUF campus and the relative building name will be displayed in real time for the user. This project aims to help incoming freshmen and other transfer students navigating to their classes.

Breakout is a video game project. In Breakout, a layer of bricks lines the top third of the screen and the goal is to destroy them all. This project utilized Deep Convolutional Q-Learning to train the AI bots efficiently and can achieve very high scores.

This project is a mobile App for Android devices which aims to help vision impaired people. By tapping on screen, the AI will say what is inside the camera. The app records videos, converts to images with labels and uses Cloud AutoML Vision to train the models.

Connect Four is a two-player connection board game. The players choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs into a grid. The objective of the game is to be the first to form a line of four of one's own discs.

This is an automatic music production program. This program uses genetic algorithms to create music. The program has a musical analysis module along with user analysis to determine music quality. The user will provide feedback after a few generations of evolution, whether to continue evolving or if current evolution is satisfied.

The idea of this project is a smart detector or camera that can recognize pets’ types and analyze their daily behaviors so that the system can offer the best dietary plans or suggestions for medical care through a smartphone application.

Guerilla Warfare is a two-player board game project. The game objective is to eliminate the Lion of the opponent. The projects implemented Minimax algorithm which is an adversary search method for Zero-Sum games.

Chef de Delicieux is a mobile App for Android devices. Users are able to search for cooking recipes by providing a set of ingredients they want to use. The app provides recommendations towards the user’s preferences based on many attributes of the previous recipes they’ve chosen.

AI Attacks! is chess flipping video game. The objective of this game is to eat all opponent tiles by flipping all tiles. The AI module utilizes heuristic methods to make a decision on moves.

Home Cleaner is a software that can complete sweeping any areas automatically detecting and avoiding obstacles. The application was implemented using Robot Operating System.

A chemical engineers measure various properties of a gas such as temperatures, pressures, thermal conductivities, and sound velocities to to estimate gas quality using bulky equipment. This application is to estimate the gas quality based on those measured properties in the past without using any equipment.