Want to be an educational technology leader in your school or district? 

The CSUF MS in Educational Technology Degree and Certificate in Educational Technology Integration  are  online graduate programs and a professional community  committed to developing educators  capable of   transforming student lives  through innovation and applied research.   
ISTE Coach Seal of Alignment Best cohorted online graduate program in education. US World and News Report award.

Currently accepting Applications for Fall 2020

MS in Educational Technology  &   Certificate in Educational Technology Integration

For all inquiries and questions about the program, please email Dr. Loretta Donovan at loretta.csuf@gmail.com.


I sn’t it great how we can utilize the technology to build relationships in this program, even though none of us have ever met? I know I keep telling my in-person friends about my new online masters program friends and how easy and seamless it has been to conduct work with them. I am so grateful for apps like Voxer and Zoom to help cultivate these relationships.  -  Jamie. Fall 19 Student
It really is amazing to think we all have never met before in person!  Our Masters program has set a great foundation for students to listen and understand everyone's thoughts and opinions, including the teachers, through various tools (Voxer, email, google doc, discussion board...) and I personally think I am communicating more with everyone in this course than I ever did in a traditional classroom. This program is definitely a good example of strong rapport between students and teachers. — Grace, Fall 18 Student
T here is a certain stigma to online learning, where it may have the reputation of being “easier,” having less benefit and not being the same as the traditional classroom.  At times, I have had these feelings towards online learning where I would dismiss any new opportunities that would arise.   Being enrolled in this program and seeing firsthand how effective distance learning can be, I have changed my preconceived feelings and notions towards online learning.  —Bradley, Fall 17 Student


  • Learn the how and why of using technology in student-centered ways to engage your students 

  • Focus on integrating technology into your classroom to help your students meet the CCSS

  • Assignments and projects are directly applicable to your teaching context

  • Combines theory and practice

  • Program has earned the Seal of Alignment for the ISTE Coach Standards 

  • Not computer savvy? Not a problem

  • 16-months

  • Completely online

  • Cohort-based Model—you’ll be with the same peers throughout the program

  • Make connections with educators throughout the state, region, and other countries!


Courses You'll Take

The program requires 30 units of coursework. You take 10 courses over 16 months (four terms), which include: three core courses, six educational technology courses, and a culminating experience course.

Three Core Courses:

  • EDEL 511: Survey of Educational Research
  • EDEL 529: Learning Theory
  • EDEL 536: Curriculum and Development

Six Educational Technology Courses:

  • EDEL 515: Problem Solving and Technology in Schools
  • EDEL 522: Web Design for Instruction in Schools
  • EDEL 523: Distance Education Issues and Trends in Schools
  • EDEL 518A: Issues in Instructional Design of Software for Use in Schools
  • EDEL 518B: Multimedia Development and Instruction in the Classroom
  • EDEL 590: Technology Professional Development in Schools

One Culminating Experience:

  • EDEL 594: Research Seminar (Final Project)

Semester Format

You enroll in three courses in your first two semesters. However, you only take two courses at one time during a semester. For your final two semesters, you only take two courses.

A sample program of study with a Fall semester start:

First Semester

  • 16 Weeks (Fall): EDEL 511
  • First 8 Weeks (Fall): EDEL 523
  • Second 8 Weeks (Fall): EDEL 515

Second Semester

  • 16 Weeks (Spring): EDEL 529
  • First 8 Weeks (Spring): EDEL 518A
  • Second 8 Weeks (Spring): EDEL 518B

Third Semester

  • First 5 Weeks (Summer:) EDEL 536
  • Second 5 Weeks (Summer): EDEL 522

Fourth Semester

  • 16 Weeks Fall: EDEL 590
  • 16 Weeks Fall: EDEL 594


Program overview

Contact Us for More Information

Dr. Loretta Donovan - loretta.csuf@gmail.com
Dr. Tim Green - tim.csuf@gmail.com

Tuition Costs? 

Visit  http://sfs.fullerton.edu/ (fees or payments is useful)  or see the estimated Tuition and Fees for each semester. 
You have an option to pay in monthly installments if needed.


Valid California  teaching credential OR  Bachelors degree from an accredited institution and two years of verified teaching experience
NO GRE required

Scholarships information.  

Ready to Apply?  
  1. Locate and download   your   Certificate of Clearance   from the CTC website.  
    1. (Note if your target student population is K12 students and you do not have a record with CTC, please apply for a Certificate of Clearance. https://www.ctc.ca.gov/docs/default-source/leaflets/cl900.pdf?sfvrsn=b6bd8b52_0PDF File )
    2. You will need to add the Certificate of Clearance to your application on Cal State Apply.
  2. No Credential or credential program - no worries.
      1. Complete the Equivalent Teaching Experience form and email to   loretta.csuf@gmail.com .    
      2. If your target student population is adults (over 18 years old), please email Loretta for one additional requirement. If your target population is minors (under 18) see note about Certificate of Clearance
    • Each program has unique requirements- these directionsPDF File outline our specific requirements.
    • If you don’t already have an account you will need to create one
    • Apply for MS in Educational Technology (or the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology if that is what you want)
    • MAKE SURE YOU LIST CA AS YOUR RESIDENCE STATE.   If not, you will be required to complete extra forms once admitted.
    • We do not require statement of purpose, GRE, or letters of recommendation.   (See bullet 1 for link with what do add for these questions)
    • Attach your certificate of clearance when prompted
  3. Please email   loretta.csuf@gmail.com    to let her know you are applying

Once you have applied/begun the application process you will need to send transcripts: 
  1. Please complete   this   Google Form   to help us track your transcripts and expedite the application process. 
  2. Send transcripts from ALL institutions,   even if only for one class or if they show up as transfer units on a different transcript .
  3. Some institutions will send  electronic transcripts
    1. Please have them sent to   edelgradprograms@exchange.fullerton.edu.
  4. For paper transcripts
    1. It is best to get transcripts sent to YOU
    2. Do NOT open them
    3. Place in one envelope and send to:
CSU Fullerton 
Attn: Loretta Donovan (EC-324) 
P.O. Box 6868 
Fullerton, CA 92834-6868
 (please add a note with your CWID if you have it)