Overview for PTR Reviewers 

UPS 210.020 PDF File Opens in new window defines the overall infrastructure for how Post Tenure Reviews (PTRs) for Tenured faculty are conducted including evaluation criteria and the steps in the review process workflow.

The purpose of periodic evaluation of tenured faculty shall be to encourage and maintain excellent performance in university assignments. It is intended to be an occasion for consultation with colleagues, whose aim should be the encouragement and maintenance of excellence; an acknowledgment of positive contributions made by tenured faculty; and, a time to reflect upon opportunities for growth and professional development.

  • PTRs are a separate evaluative process from either RTP or Lecturer evaluations, with their own responsibilties and deadlines
  • ALL PTR evaluations are conducted through the electronic evaluation system Interfolio , including the rebuttal period and the uploading of all required documentation that will be shared with the candidate according to the annually published timeline. 


ELigibity Criteria to Serve as a PTR Reviewer

Per UPS 210.020 (II.D) the PTRC:

  • Must consist only of Tenured Faculty members 
  • Any faculty members who are on leave [sabbatical, DIP, etc.] during the RTP cycle year, cannot serve on the PTRC
  • Shall consist of the Department Chair and at least 1 member from the elected DPC, selected by mutual agreement.
    • If the Department Chair is unavailable, the DPC should elect the other member of the PTRC from amongst themselves. 
  • Only those who are undergoing a Post Tenure Review in the current academic year are excluded from participating on this committee

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