Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) 

Probationary faculty members are normally given a two-year initial appointment and are subject to evaluation before they are reappointed to subsequent probationary years or granted tenure.  Tenure-track faculty are considered probationary faculty until they are awarded tenure or terminated. 

Important Changes for the 2023-2024 RTP Cycle

Candidates for 2023-2024 actions are to submit their materials through Interfolio , the evaluation system implemented in 2017-2018.  The template that candidates undergoing full performance reviews will use mirrors the requirements of UPS 210.000 and UPS 210.002.  Interfolio is accessible through the Faculty Portal (for assistance see how-to login videoOpens in new window ).  


For more information on RTP, please see the slides from our latest candidate workshops. Opens in new window


For Counselors (CAPS) and Library Faculty there are some documents that are specific to their portfolios and they are listed below.

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Full Review

Fall 2023 Submission Deadline:

  • First full performance review: 9/18/23
  • All other full performance reviews: 10/2/23

Full performance reviews typically occur during probationary years   2, 4, and   6   and require the submission of a full portfolio reflecting achievements in three areas:

  1. Teaching
  2. Scholarly and Creative Activity
  3. Service

These reviews are CUMULATIVE and require data and documentation of activities always from the date of hire to the date of submission for the RTP Portfolio. 

Abbreviated Review

Fall 2023 Submission deadline: 10/2/23

Abbreviated reviews typically occur during probationary years   3   and   5   and only require the submission of

  • An updated CV, documenting all activities in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service since the date of hire at CSUF
  • A Summary of accomplishments towards tenure (optional)
  • SOQs completed during the time period between the submission due date for the RTP Portfolio compiled for your last full-review and the submission deadline for your Review File for your abbreviated review

Early Tenure & Early Promotion 

Fall 2023 portfolio submission: 

  • Timetable #1 (first Full Performance review): 9/18/23
  • Timetable #2: 10/2/23

To indicate that a faculty member would like to be considered for Early Tenure and/or Early Pomotion, they will need to fill out the declaration form below and submit it  to the FAR office at .

This type of review is considered a FULL-REVIEW and therefore is CUMULATIVE.

The Deadline to declare for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is 9/1/23 .


Early Tenure and/or Early Promotion Request FormPDF File Opens in new window

Form for Probationary Associate Professors: Early Tenure OnlyPDF File Opens in new window


After one year of full-time service a Tenure-Track Faculty member is eligible to apply for early tenure and/or early promotion.  All Departmental Personnel Standards will have a list of criteria for how to achieve early tenure and/or early promotion for any particular department, however they will be much more stringent than the criteria for retention or for the normal awarding of tenure. 


Full Reviews

Abbreviated Reviews

  • Abbreviated Review Interfolio Template

Non-Instructional Duties FormPDF File Opens in new window

Documents for Libarians ONLY

Full Reviews 

Abbreviated Reviews

  • Abbreviated Review Template for Librarians

Documents for Counselor (CAPS) Faculty ONLY

Full Reviews 

Abbreviated Reviews 

  • Abbreviated Review Template for CAPS

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