Student Opinion Questionnaires (SOQs) are administered to students for their credit-bearing courses.  Anonymous response data is used for the purposes of personnel evaluations, providing faculty with information to improve their instruction, and to provide data for institutional research while maintain faculty anonymity.

SOQs are conducted each semester utilizing either paper- or web-based surveys using ClassClimate, a product of Scantron.  Additional information can be found below:


Contact Information

Primary Contact: Nicole Calucag 

Email: soq@fullerton.edu

Phone: (657) 278-8003

Hours of Operation:  8 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday

Location: PLS-295


SOQ Form Disposition

Once scanned and processed, SOQ forms will be held for ninety (90) days prior to secure disposition.  During this timeframe, faculty are welcome to make an appointment to visit the SOQ Office to inspect their forms.  Following the 90-day hold , the original forms will be shredded.



SOQ Blank Forms in RTP Evaluation 

This page contains the blank SOQ forms currently utilized by all departments on campus.  A copy of the blank SOQ form(s) used for your class load will need to be uploaded to section 5.20 of all full-review RTP portfolios, submitted by both Tenure-track faculty, and Tenured faculty applying for Promotion.


Download instructions:

The forms below are arranged by college . Click on the name of your college to expand the list of departments.  For departments that only utilize a single SOQ form, click the name of the department to start the download.  For departments that use more than one form, the types are listed in sub-bullets under department names.  Click the form type(s) relevant to your portfolio to initiate downloads.

College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS)


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Student Health & Counseling Center (SHCC)

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