Fullerton Faculty Leadership Development Program

This program will allow participants an opportunity to gain professional and leadership skills, reflect on career and personal goals, and connect with colleagues. Mentoring meetings, leadership development activities, readings, conversations with leaders, and learning communities will be used to help faculty develop as leaders by enhancing self-awareness about personal style and impact in the unique and inclusive academic environment.


•Define and analyze the role of leadership in higher education using a leadership roadmap that examines roles and experiences from Personal, Interpersonal, Team, and System perspectives.
•Determine the traits, competencies, capabilities, and skills needed to perform the role successfully.
•Examine and practice techniques and tools for understanding oneself and others, setting direction, communicating with individuals and groups, building teams, appraising and coaching performance, resolving conflict, and leading change.
•Provide faculty an opportunity, away from day-to-day responsibilities, to reflect on themselves, the diverse challenges they face, and to share practices and techniques for addressing those challenges.


•Enhanced self-awareness about personal leadership style and impact.
•Enhanced interpersonal communication skills for increasing personal influence, giving and receiving feedback, and resolving conflict.
•Greater team effectiveness through understanding how to build strong, cohesive teams that work well together.
•Increased understanding of the dynamics of change at system level
•Increased effectiveness in responding to the needs/expectations of colleagues and administrators. 

Fall 2020 Cohort
Emily Lee
Alison Marzocchi
Rachel McClanahan
Garrett Struckhoff
Daniel Sutko

 Spring 2020 Cohort
Allyson Fry-Petit
Sarah Hill
Kristin Kleinjans
Debbie Rose
Carolina Valdez

Fall 2019 Cohort
Siobhan Brooks
Michael Mcalexander
Kevin Nichols
Carl Renold
Megan Graewingholt

Spring 2019 Cohort
Joao Barrios 
Doina Bein
Steven Chen
Alison Dover
Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi

Fall 2018 Cohort
Fatima Alali
Michael DeMars
Sergio Lizarraga
Patricia Perez 

Spring 2018 Cohort 
Janna Kim
Irena Praitis 
Daniel Soper 
Andrea Stein
Hope Weiss 

Fall 2017 Cohort 
Minerva Chavez 
Kenneth John Faller 
Alvin Rangel-Alvarado 
Michele Wood 

Spring 2017 Cohort 
Debra Cote 
Volker Janssen
Traci Statler 
Maria Estela Zarate 






Fall 2017 Cohort

Kenneth John Faller II

Dr. Kenneth John Faller II received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University (FIU) in 2009. From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Faller was a NASA postdoctoral research fellow. His research interests are in the areas of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and embedded systems. He has published several peer-reviewed papers as part of his research. At CSUF, Dr. Faller has taught several engineering courses ranging from the freshman level to the graduate level. His teaching interests are in the areas of computer architecture, embedded systems, mixed-signal design, hardware security, and DSP. The courses he has taught since joining CSUF include microcontrollers, embedded processor interfacing, current topics: wearable computers, hardware security, computer organization and design, advanced computer architecture, and real-time audio processing. He is the co-director of the Center for Collaborative Research and Prototype Development (CCRPD) and the co-advisor of the IEEE Computer Society (CS) chapter at CSUF.




 Alvin Rangel 

Alvin Rangel is an award winning dancer and choreographer. He is an Associate Professor of Dance. His areas of focus are pedagogy, Horton technique, dance history, improvisation, African American Concert Dance History and choreography. Rangel maintains an active schedule teaching master classes, choreographing and performing his work both nationally and internationally. He has performed with numerous renowned ballet and modern dance companies. He participated in the PBS documentary titled Free to Dance. Alvin has taught master classes and performed in the United States, Russia, Poland, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan and Puerto Rico. Many dance companies in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico have performed his choreography. For more information visit: www.alvinrangel.net

The leadership group was one of my favorite professional development opportunities I’ve experienced at CSUF. I was able to develop close connections with my peers, while simultaneously network and learn from a diverse range of CSUF administrators. Our meetings and discussions were relevant to issues we all encountered within our colleges and departments. We all gained awareness of the scope and complexity of leadership in higher education. It was time well spent. The leadership group helped me not only to think of leadership within context of an administrative position in the academy, but most importantly, it helped me reexamine my leadership skills and role within my classroom and my students.

Alvin Rangel

SPring 2018 cohort

Irena Praitis 

Irena Praitis is a Professor of English.  She teaches courses in creative writing, poetry, contemporary literature, and literary editing.  She has authored 4 books of poetry, a biography, and also co-translated a collection of poems.  She was a Fulbright Scholar to Vilnius, Lithuania.  Administratively, she served as Interim Director of Freshman Programs, as a Humanities and Social Sciences Dean’s Fellow, and as a General Education Coordinator.  Her university committee assignments have included Faculty Personnel Committee (Chair), Professional Leaves, and the Planning, Resource, and Budget Committee.  

The leadership program opened my eyes regarding the possibility of innovation in campus and university leadership.  There’s tremendous potential to open up new avenues and means to better serve students. 


Irene Praitis