Call for Nominees for the 2022 Giles T. Brown Thesis Excellence Award


Please consider nominating your top thesis students who have produced an excellent thesis and have potential for making an impact in their field of study with their work. Students who have graduated in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 or those who will graduate in Spring 2022 are eligible. Spring 2022 graduates will only be eligible if they submit their completed thesis on time to the university reader. The nomination is comprised of two parts, the Thesis Chair Application and the Student Application. The Thesis Chair Application includes a 500-600 word recommendation on the impact and significance of the student’s work. This should include any information on how the student’s work breaks new ground, is an innovative contribution, or has the ability to have a wide-ranging impact. The Department Chair is also required to sign the Thesis Chair Application form to confirm that there is only one nomination for this program this year. The Student Application includes a short abstract (50 words), extended abstract (500-600 words), and a student biography (150 words). The Thesis Chair Application and the Student Application must both be received by noon on March 25, 2022 to be considered for the award.

To complete your nominations, please complete the three steps below.

  1. Department faculty decide which student to nominate for the award (limit to 1 student per graduate program).
  2. Faculty completes the Thesis Chair Application – Due 3/25/22 at noon
  3. Have your student nominee complete the Student Application – Due 3/25/22 at noon

Final awards will be announced no later than May 2, 2022.