Graduate Programs

This list includes all of our master's, doctoral, credential, and post-baccalaureate certificate programs. Department websites and contact information are found below.  For catalog descriptions of programs, please go to the University CatalogOpens in new window .

Master's Degree Programs

Programs Degree Dept. Ext. (Area code: 657) Advisor
Accountancy M.S. 278-7104
Megan Grady
contact: Business Admissions
Accounting and Finance M.S. 278-3897
Yingdi Wang
contact: Business Admissions
American Studies M.A. 278-3225 Dr. Dustin Abnet
Anthropology M.A. 278-4703
Dr. Sarah Grant (Cultural)
Dr. Elizabeth Pillsworth (Evolutionary)
Dr. Carl Wendt (Archaeology)
Art M.A., M.F.A. 278-2148 Michelle Murillo
Athletic Training M.S. 278-7867 Dr. Melissa MontgomeryOpens in new window
Biology M.S. 278-3614 Dr. Paul Stapp
contact: Karen Lau
Business Administration M.B.A. 278-3941
Sunil Thomas
contact: Business Admissions
Chemistry M.S., M.A. 278-5214 Dr. Andrew Petit
Civil Engineering M.S. 278-2805
Dr. Uksun Kim
contact: Jennifer Chang
Communications M.A. 278-7631 Dr. Cynthia King
Communication Studies M.A. 278-3260 Dr. Dan Sutko
Communicative Disorders M.A. 278-3108 Dr. Rahul Chakraborty
Computational Applied Math M.S. 278-2726
Charles H.Lee
contact: Aiszellyn Alvarez
Computer Engineering M.S. 278-3375 Dr. Pradeep Nair
Computer Engineering (Integrated) B.S.-M.S. 278-2640 Dr. Kiran George
Computer Science M.S. 278-2031
Dr. Bin Cong
contact: Laura Villegas
Counseling M.S. 278-7341
Dr. Rebekah Smart
contact: Dr. Eric Price
Curriculum and Instruction M.S. 278-7614
Dr. Tim Green
contact: Patricia Feliz
Economics M.A. 278-2387
Gabriela Best
contact: Business Admissions
Educational Leadership and Administration M.S. 278-7673
Dr. Maritza Lozano
contact: Rachael Amaro
Educational Technology (Online)  M.S. 278-8221
Dr. Tim Green
contact: Patricia Feliz
Electrical Engineering M.S. 278-2884
Dr. Karim Hamidian
contact: Stephanie Wilson
Engineering Management M.S. 278-7259 Dr. Hakob Avetisyan
English M.A. 278-3214 Dr. David Sandner
Environmental Engineering (Online) M.S. 278-8079
Dr. Garrett Struckhoff
contact: Environmental Engineering Program
Environmental Studies M.S. 278-2713 Dr. Nicole Seymour
Geography M.A. 278-3161 Dr. Jonathan Taylor
Geology M.S. 278-2043 Dr. James Parham
Gerontology M.S. 278-7057 Karen Wong
Higher Education M.S. 278-8742
Dr. Carol Lundberg
contact: Rachael Amaro
History M.A. 278-7463
Dr. Stephen Neufeld
Dr. Jonathan Markley
Information Systems M.S. 278-2419
Gang Peng
contact: Business Admissions
Information Technology (Online) M.S. 278-3173
Pramod Pandya
contact: Business Admissions
Instructional Design & Technology (Online) 
Watch video on MSIDTOpens in new window
M.S. 278-3639 Dr. Cynthia Gautreau
Kinesiology M.S. 278-3334 Dr. Do Kyeong Lee
Linguistics M.A. 278-4884 Dr. Kenneth Van Bik
Literacy and Reading Education M.S. 278-4834
Dr. Joyce Gomez-Najarro
contact: Patty Park
Mathematics, Teaching Option M.A. 278-4685
Dr. Armando Martinez-Cruz
contact: Aiszellyn Alvarez
Mechanical Engineering M.S. 278-2198
Dr. Salvador Mayoral
contact: Kevin Si
Music M.A., M.M. 278-7685 Dr. John Koegel
Nursing M.S. 278-7610 contact: Rachel Wiedemann
Physics M.S. 278-3366 Dr. Ionel Tifrea
Political Science M.A. 278-3414 Dr. Alexei Shevchenko
Psychology (MA) M.A. 278-2553 Dr. David Gerkens
contact: Cynthia Landin
Psychology (MS, Clinical) M.S. 278-3566 Dr. Christine Scher
contact: Cynthia Landin
Public Administration M.P.A. 278-3728
Dr. Sam Stone
admissions: Dr. Meriem Doucette
Public Health M.P.H. 278-3352
Dr. Tabashir Sadegh-Nobari
admissions: Dr. Kevin Cummins
Screenwriting M.F.A. 278-2127
Ben Sztajnkrycer
contact: Tanis Fields
Social Work M.S.W. 278-2584
Duan Tran
admissions: Kelly Segovia
Sociology M.A. 278-3462 Dr. Christina Chin
Software Engineering (online) M.S. 278-7231

Dr. Christopher Ryu
contact: Amanda Flynn
Software Engineering (in-person) M.S. 278-7257 Dr. James Choi
contact: Veronica Martinez
Spanish M.A. 278-2272 Dr. Eric Carbajal
Statistics (Online or In-Person) M.S. 278-2398
Dr. Mori Jamshidian
contact: Aiszellyn Alvarez
Special Education M.S. 278-4106
Dr. Adrian Woo Jung
admissions: Lori Sadler
Taxation M.S. 278-7742
Barry Gershenovitz
contact: Business Admissions
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) M.S. 278-2268 Dr. Dan Rueckert
Theatre Arts M.F.A. 278-3538 Scott Bolman
Transformative Teaching in Secondary Education (Online)Opens in new window
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M.S. 278-5186 Dr. Alison Dover



Doctoral Degree Programs

Programs Degree Dept. Ext. (Area code: 657) Advisor
 Educational Leadership, Community College Concentration Ed.D. 278-8059
Dr. Linda Rose
contact: Rachael Amaro
 Educational Leadership, Pre K-12 Leadership Concentration Ed.D. 278-3903
Dr. Daniel Choi
contact: Rachael Amaro
Nursing (DNP) D.N.P. 278-7536
Dr. Rachel McClanahan (D.N.P.)
contact: Rachel Wiedemann
Nursing (DNP, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration) D.N.P. 278-7536
Dr. Rachel McClanahan (D.N.P.)
contact: Rachel Wiedemann

Credential Programs

Programs Degree Dept. Ext. (Area code: 657) Advisor
Multiple Subject Credential   278-7533 Patricia Feliz
Single Subject Credential   278-4023
Dr. Sangeetha Carmona
admissions: Raquel Clovery
Special Education Credential   278-3205
Lori Sadler
admissions: Lisa Alexander
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential   278-4023
Dr. Rodolfo Acosta
contact: Rachael Amaro
School Nurse Services Credential   278-7536
Dr. Rachel McClanahan
contact: Rachel Wiedemann

Graduate Certificate Programs

Programs Degree Dept. Ext. (Area code: 657) Advisor
Artist Diploma: Professional Certificate in Music Performance   278-3552 Dr. Ernest Salem
Certificate in Educational Technology Intergration   278-4731 Department of Elementary and 
Bilingual Education
Certificate in Instructional Design   278-3639 Dr. Cynthia Gautreau
Certificate in Writing and Teaching   278-3163 Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Certificate in Translation: Spanish to English / English to Spanish   278-3534 Dr. Reyes Fidalgo
Communication Sciences and Disorders Multicultural Certificate   278-1001 Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Community College Studies Certificate   278-4023 Department of Educational Leadership
Improvement Science for Education Leaders   278-4023 Department of Educational Leadership
Museum Studies Certificate   278-3471 Department of Art
Post-Secondary Literacy and Learning Certificate   278-3497 Deparment of Literacy and Reading Education
Resource Specialist Certificate of Competency   278-3350 Department of Special Education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate   278-2268 Dr. Daniel Rueckert