Faculty/Student Mentoring Program


CSUF's Faculty/Graduate Student Mentoring Program, established in 2011 and sponsored by EPOCHS (Enhancing Postbaccalaureate Opportunities at CSUF for Hispanic Students), aims at helping graduate students—in collaboration with their professors—grow academically, professionally, and personally. The Mentoring Program differs from "regular" academic advising in that students and faculty participate in mutually beneficial relationships by discussing research, career development, and "life" in graduate school. The Mentoring Program is a joint effort between students, faculty, and administrative staff.

The Faculty/Graduate Student Mentoring Program at CSUF facilitates mentoring relationships by:

  • Matching students and faculty members: this alleviates the stress of students having to find a mentor on their own;
  • Providing a framework for the relationship which encourages structure, goal setting, and accountability;
  • Providing faculty with training on how to effectively assist their mentees; and
  • Hosting cultural events throughout the year to encourage dialogue outside the academic realm in order to better solidify the mentoring relationship.


In order to participate in this program, we ask that students agree to the following requirements.

  • Each mentee (student) is expected to meet his/her mentor on a regular basis (at least three times per semester). The actual dates, times, and locations are negotiated between the mentee and his/her mentor
  • Each mentee (student) is expected to commit to attending some of the workshops and/or cultural social events hosted by SOAR. The specific dates and times will be announced in advance.


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