Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program



The mission of the CDIP is to provide professional and academic support to doctoral students aspiring to teach the diverse students of the CSU system. At the foundation of the CDIP is the mentorship between a CSU faculty member and the fellow. The CDIP also provides opportunities for professional development workshops, social connection, grant and research support, and if necessary, financial assistance in the form of a forgivable loan.

Since 1987, CDIP has supported 2,455 fellows pursuing doctoral degrees with mentoring, financial support, and professional development opportunities. Sixty-nine percent of CDIP fellows who earned doctorates have obtained faculty positions at a CSU campus, which qualifies those who participate in the loan program for loan forgiveness. Other CDIP fellows have accepted positions at institutions throughout the United States or entered post-doc positions to successfully transition to faculty careers.

Interested students must meet with the CSUF Campus Coordinator and submit a draft application by February 10, 2023. Please see more details below.

What CDIP Offers

- Mentorship by a CSU faculty mentor in preparation for the CSU job market. Scholars and mentors will tailor a Collaborative Plan of Support (CPS) to include activities that prepare scholars in terms of teaching, research, service for the CSU, and knowledge of the structure and aims of the CSU.

- Professional Development and Grant opportunities to further CDIP Fellows' doctoral training and to attend professional conferences and workshops. Through research and scholarly attendance at conferences, fellows can enhance their professional development. The goal of the grants is to support fellows by awarding them seed funds to enhance their sills and experience to teach a diverse student body at the CSU.

-The CSU Pre-Professor Program (PREPP) supports CDIP Fellows' transition to faculty positions by engaging them in a semester-long program at a California State University (CSU) campus. PREPP aims to immerse participants in the life of a faculty member.

- CDIP offers a subsidized educational loan of up to $30,000 with a potential for loan cancellation. Participants in this program may borrow up to $10,000 per year up to a total of $30,000 within a five-year period while they are enrolled full-time in a doctoral program at an approved, accredited institution. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Participant Eligibility

- Full-time doctoral students enrolled in an accredited program in the U.S. OR undergraduate and master’s level students applying to an accredited doctoral program in the U.S.
- Must have a strong desire to teach the diverse student body at the CSU.
- Applicant does not have to be a CSU student, but must have a CSU Faculty Mentor. CSU Faculty Mentor must be a tenure-track/tenure faculty member.
- Lecturers who are enrolled full-time in a doctoral program are eligible and encouraged to apply. Probationary and tenured faculty members in the CSU are not eligible regardless of their status in a doctoral program.

Special Considerations

Most professional doctoral degree programs (such as EdD, DPT and PsyD) as well as certain online degree programs are designed for entrance into a nonacademic career. Applicants in a professional doctoral and/or online program may apply to the CDIP only if they plan to pursue a tenure-track instructional faculty position and their doctoral program's mission explicitly includes preparation and training of future university faculty members. Evidence of the latter must be provided by applicant.

CSU EdD programs were established for the purpose of preparing administrative leaders for the California public elementary and secondary schools and community colleges (California Education Code 66040.3). Therefore, applicants enrolled in or applying to CSU EdD programs are not eligible.

U.S. citizenship is not required, but applicants for CSU instructional faculty positions must be eligible to work in the United States. 

Selection Criteria

With a focus on academic excellence and diversity, CDIP aims to recruit future faculty that is committed to the CSU. The following are guidelines the CDIP Selection Committee uses to evaluate on a student’s capacity to contribute to the CSU:

- Potential for mentorship by the CSU Faculty Mentor identified in the application and the potential for a good mentorship experience.
- Academic achievement and potential as a doctoral candidate.
- Potential to become a CSU professor.
- Connection to the CSU and a passion for CSU students.
- Potential for successful collaboration between applicant and CSU Faculty Mentor.
- Quality of applicant’s doctoral program and how it will prepare them to be competitive in the CSU applicant pool.
- Discipline areas of priority based on current and future faculty hiring needs.

Application Requirements

- Application Form
- Curriculum Vitae (4 pages max)
- Statement of Qualifications and Motivation (3 pages max)
- Collaborative Plan of Support, co-constructed with CSU Faculty Mentor and Applicant
- Two letters of recommendation (one letter must be from the CSU Faculty Mentor)
- Recent CSU faculty position announcement in the applicant’s general field

More details and examples can be found on the main CDIP Website.

Meet with CSUF Campus Coordinator

Prospective students must first meet with the CSUF Campus Coordinator, Eloisa Amador-Romero, before moving forward with the application process. Reach out to Eloisa Amador-Romero at to schedule an appointment to discuss the CDIP and application process.

Application Process and Deadlines

There are several steps to submit an application for the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program:

  1. Meet with the CSUF Campus Coordinator, Eloisa Amador-Romero, through a scheduled appointment.
  2. Submit a draft application (PDF) to Eloisa Amador-Romero at, by February 10, 2023.
  3. Be approved by the CSUF Campus Coordinator after receiving application feedback and provided with the electronic application information.
  4. Submit the final application electronically with the CSU Chancellor’s Office by March 17, 2023, 11:59pm.

The application period will open in October 2022 (final date determined by the CSU Chancellor’s Office). Applicants will submit the draft of this application to Eloisa Amador-Romero ( by February 10, 2023.

Students are not eligible to submit an electronic application with the CSU Chancellor’s Office until first approved by the Campus Coordinator.

Additional Information

For more information about the program, please visit the Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program’s WebsiteOpens in new window and the How to Apply WebsiteOpens in new window . For any additional questions, please reach out to the Campus Coordinator, Eloisa Amador-Romero, at