California Pre-Doctoral Program

The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the diversity of the pool of potential faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of CSU students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages. Winners will be designated as Sally Casanova Scholars, as a tribute to Dr. Sally Casanova, for whom the award is named. With the aid of a CSUF Faculty Sponsor, Sally Casanova Scholars are exposed to unique opportunities to help prepare them to succeed in doctoral programs.

The program provides travel funds to visit doctorate-granting institutions, options for summer research internships, and funds for other doctoral program related activities.

Number Awarded: Varies

Dollar Amount: $3,000 plus funded summer internship opportunities

Deadline: Friday, February 21st

Program Materials: 2020-21 Application PDF File Opens in new window

This draft application is for reference purposes ONLY.  If you are interested in applying, you must send an email to Dr. Traci Statler at with the following information to determine your eligibility:

  1. your full name
  2. CWID
  3. current degree program
  4. the name of your Faculty Mentor
  5. response to the three questions below:

    i. Are you enrolled in classes for the Spring 2018 semester?

    II. Will you be enrolled in classes for at least one semester for the 2018-19 academic year?

    III. Will you be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident at the time you submit the application?

    *You can only gain access to the online submission process after being approved by the CSUF Campus Coordinator.

Process for Awarding: Applications are reviewed for completeness by the Office of Graduate Studies and then forwarded to the Chancellor's Office for final review and award selection. Sally Casanova Scholars are selected on the basis of three major criteria: potential for success in completing a doctoral program, probable effectiveness of the student/faculty plan, and level of economic and educational disadvantage.

Chancellor’s Office Website: California Pre-doctoral Program's website Opens in new window