What is the MSI-Fellows program?

MSI-Fellows is an opt in program. There is no selection process. Each student is encouraged to actively participate in MSI-Fullerton.  By becoming a brother through our MSI-Fullerton Fellows Program, students are able to receive all of the non-scholarship related resources and support services.  Among the opportunities offered to those who sign-up to become an MSI-Fellows are: Academic Coaching, Tailored Mentoring, Unique Professional & Social programs, Community Projects, Leadership Development Workshops; along with National, Regional and Local Conference Travel.
MSI Fellow Pontential Pack
Want to learn how to earn these items? Interested CSUF undergraduate men of color fellows must complete the above MSI-Fullerton application.  After your application is complete, you will be contacted by a brother from MSI-Fullerton with next steps.  We look forward to welcoming you into the MSI-Fullerton Brotherhood where men of color reach the fullness of their potential.