NSM Student Success Center


*The NSM Student Success Center will resume normal tutoring hours in fall 2021.*


NSM Student Success Center Tutoring 

The NSM Student Success Center Tutoring is operated by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. We offer peer tutoring that is one-on-one course-based tutoring by appointment. We are here to help you succeed in your science and math courses. Contact: nsmsuccessteam@fullerton.edu 

We offer tutoring for Biology (BIOL), Chemistry (CHEM), Geology (GEOL), Mathematics (MATH), and Physics (PHYS) courses. Please see full list below. Students can schedule a one 45-minute appointment per day, per subject, up to two times a week for a total of one and one-half hour of tutoring. Appointments for which a student does not 'show' are part of the weekly count for all tutees.


Invite your friends! If you have invited a friend or two from class to join you, they can also schedule an appointment for the same time/day as long as they are enrolled in the course.

Click here for the NSM Student Success Tutoring Appointment Guide: NSM Tutoring GuidePDF File Opens in new window  
TitanNet quick instructions for making appointments: All matriculated students can access TitanNet through the CSUF Student Portal. Choose Titan Online and scroll down to the TitanNet logo (orange-blue-orange people). You are now at Student Home. Click on 'Make Appointment' on the right side of the screen. Select ‘Tutoring’, Service ‘Course Based Tutoring’. Click the 'Next' arrow. Select 'Location': NSM Student Success Center (Online/Virtual).  Pick the course for which you wish tutoring. (If what you want is not available, it may be because what you are enrolled in is not a subject we offer.) Check the "Subjects Offered" below). Select a time. You can choose first available or a specific day up to a week in advance.  Make sure to add a comment about the topic you would like assistance with during the tutoring session.  Confirm your appointment.


How to Schedule an Appointment 




Please keep in mind the following points when meeting with a tutor:

  • Teaching and tutoring are two different things. The tutor will explain a key point that the tutee has not been introduced to by keeping the explanation clear, minimal and to the point.
  • Tutors will provide an opportunity for the tutee to find and use available resources. This will mean the tutee's textbook, lecture notes, past tests, previous examples, etc.
  • Tutors will listen very carefully. Is the tutee grasping the concept? Can they explain it easily, or does it take some effort?
  • The tutors are trained to first ask questions of the tutee in order to understand what part of the learning process difficulty may be occurring. They then ask more questions to help guide the student through these difficulties.
  • Tutors will offer tips and advice to support the student's learning throughout the session.
  • The goal of the tutor is not to give tutees the answers, but to help students to think through their difficulties successfully and independently.
  • A few minutes will be set aside at the end of each session for the tutee to summarize what has been accomplished. This not only helps tutors confirm that the tutee understands all that was covered, but also helps the tutee to review new concepts.


Contact:  nsmsuccessteam@fullerton.edu