OER Implementation at Cal State Fullerton 

Lowering the cost of education for our students is an ongoing objective at CSUF. Thanks to faculty using Open Educational Resources (OER), the university's commitment to strategic plan goal #2 (providing equitable access to the opportunities and resources necessary for student success) is strengthened.


Exemplary Work of Faculty members using OER 


Carol Chaffee

portrait of Carol Chafee

"We have a full range of implementations and formats using the OER book in our 20 sections of Biology 101."

Peggy Shoar

Portrait of Peggy Shore

"I use multiple resources. That is the beauty of using OER. You can use an array of different materials [at no cost to students]"

Lucia Alcala

Portrait of Lucia Alcala

"When students learn that they do not have to pay for the OER book, they are happy! They often ask, "why do other professors not do the same?"



For more information on how to adopt OER,
please contact the Online Education and Training Department at   oet@fullerton.edu