OER Adoption

5 steps of adoption, review, modify, attribute, approve, deliver

After you have found OER relevant to your course goals and learning objectives, there are a few considerations for ensuring the successful adoption of the free materials into your teaching practice.

Even though the evaluation and integration of the material into the course content are usually the faculty member's responsibility, we suggest you consult with the textbook selection committee when deciding to adopt OER. Campus employees involved in the decision-making and delivery of instructional materials to students can support your adoption in different ways. 
OER permits the use of source materials lawfully. You can adopt a book, adapt materials, or develop something new based on an existing resource. By reusing existing learning materials, you can save time when you redesign your class. Feedback from students on usability and access to learning resources is also an essential component of making a successful transition to OER.

The five steps of adoption for a successfully use of OER in your class are:

  1. Review
  2. Modify
  3. Attribute
  4. Approve
  5. Delivery

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