Guide to OER Adoption Step 1

man reading book

Review the materials

Keep in mind that many open textbooks have been peer reviewed by faculty or subject matter experts so you may use these reviews to narrow down choices before examining them yourself. If you want to evaluate the materials yourself, there are some existing rubrics that can guide you.

The  BCcampus Open Textbook  project has published  open textbook review criteria  that is used by faculty who provide peer reviews for its open textbooks. The criteria was derived from an earlier rubric created by the College Open Textbooks Collaborative and has also been adopted by the  Open Textbook Library .

Achieve, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising graduation rates and getting student college and career-ready, published an  evaluation rubric for OER . This rubric raises the important issue of the  accessibility of learning materials  for students with disabilities. You should consult with your Disability Services Office on campus whenever selecting instructional materials to ensure that materials meet these standards.


Creative Commons - BY license Adapated from Adoption Guide – 2nd Edition, CC BY 4.0 .