The Ambassadors Program


Is any of these statements relevant to you?

  • I know the cost of instructional materials impacts the selection of the courses students take.
  • I know students' academic achievement decreases when students cannot buy their books.
  • I want to explore Open Educational Resources (OER), but I am unsure where to start.
  • I want to incorporate lower-cost instructional materials but want to ensure content quality.
  • I want assistance in identifying more inexpensive instructional materials and discovering how to incorporate them into my course.

If any of these statements apply to you, you are an excellent candidate for The Ambassadors Program


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about The Program

The Ambassadors Program is always looking for faculty that want to reduce the cost of instructional materials for their courses, thus lowering the cost of higher education for students.

CSUF's concern for the prices of books and other educational materials triggered the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) and Open Educational Resources (OER) campaign, which began in 2016. The Ambassadors program is sponsored in part by funds provided through the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions initiative and the AB 798 -The California College Textbook Affordability Act.


Purpose of the Program

AL$ and OER Faculty Ambassadors' purpose is to learn about affordable and no-cost alternatives to costly textbooks. The overall hope is to reduce the cost of higher education for students by eliminating the cost of instructional materials from all courses in which free, high-quality options are available.


Benefits for Faculty

AL$ and OER Faculty Ambassadors receive a stipend for completing professional development on the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER). All faculty (part-time and full-time) are welcome to apply. Online Education and Training runs the program at CSUF.


Amazing Results

Since 2017, hundreds of Faculty Ambassadors had completed the Open Educational Resources (OER) Certificate Program.

2021 Ambassadors

Ahmed Afzal

Heather Agnew

Lizette Arellano

Michelle Barboza

Melissa Base

Julio Bermejo

Erin Besser

Sandeepa Bevli

Gayle Brisbane

Shana Charles

Kevin Chen

Edward De La Torre

Lorraine Delfin

Eric Gonzaba

Victor Haynes

PaulSalvador Inventado

Thomas James

Rebecca Kessin

Rajnish Lekhi

Daoji Li

Edward Lynch

Barbara Malley

Sycil Mathai

Tim Morton

Michael Ray

Shannon Takeuchi

Victoria vanTwist

2020 Ambassadors

Ed Alizadeh

Roya Azizi

Darren Banks

Ella Ben Hagai

Alain Bourgault

Gulhan Bourget

Zhenghong Broyles

Azza Carmona

Leah Cleveland

Zack Dafaallah

Kristina Fortes

Stacy Fox

Sonia Hirschauer

Floyd Holliday

Asma Khan

Danny Kim

Benedicta Lusk

Christopher Medina

Marcella Mendez

Thuy Nguyen

Guillermo Noffal

Yuko Okado

Courtney Ozovek

Shannon Perry

Eric Price

Derek Romo

Maureen Salsitz

Debra Saxton

Erika Thomas

2019 Ambassadors

Robert Byrne

Elliot Cross

Marta Davis

Phuoc Duong

Veronica Herrera

Eve Himmelheber

Ryan Hunt

Brian Mccabe

Amelia Mills

Judith Perez

Edward Pineda

Christy Yan

Saeedeh Yavari

Silvia Zamudio

2018 Ambassadors

oer ambassadors 2018-2019

Pictured above are the 2018 faculty ambassadors who could attend and be recognized at the March 11, 2019 Lunch and Learn and AL$/OER Event.

Jennifer Coons

Raelynne Hale

Michael Hom

Teri Humphrys

Juan Ishikawa

Michael Lahlou

Carrie Lane

Elisa Mandell

Michelle Priest

Sarana Roberts

Allison Schmitendorf

Georgia Spiropoulos

Sana Tayyen

Dana Wanzer

2017 Ambassadors

pictures of 18 faculty members

The picture above shows the Summer/Fall 2017 faculty ambassadors certificate recipients who attended the March 14, 2018, AL$/OER Expo.

Alissa Ackerman

Jennifer Acosta-Licea

Lucia Alcala

Gwendolyn Alexis

Debra Ambrosetti

Natasha Anderson

Tara Barnhart

Freddi-Jo Bruschke

Todd Cadwallader Olsker

Nathalie Carrick

Nora Castro

Christine Champion

Min Choi

Therese Cooper

Victoria Costa

Sarah Culbertson

Dydia DeLyser

Cindy Duong

Phuoc Duong

Tamatha Esguerra

Amy Essington

Melissa Essman

Farimah Fazeli

Sarah George

Sara Ghadami

Leslie Grier

Michael Groves

Emily Hamecher

Gina Harmston

Aja Henriquez

Scott Hewitt

Khanh Hoang

Erin Hollis

Andrew Howat

Sagil James

Volker Janssen

Irwing Jimenez

Charlene Keeler

Cynthia King

Catherine Lamar

Sunny Le

Jinghui Liu

Ymasumac Maranon-Davis

Trevis Matheus

Rachel McClanahan

Aja McKee

April Medrano

Phoolendra Mishra

Sinjini Mitra

Kimberly Mundala

David Naish

Ana Nez

Angela MinhTu Nguyen

Janice Nguyen

Amy Novak

Urvi Patel

Maureen Provenzano

Brian Riches

Arlene Ring

Diana Robles

Jeff Rowe

Jelan Saeed

John Sanders

David Sandner

Banafshe Sharifian

Leaa Short

Anelise Shrout

Valerie Smolek

Shivani Soni

Dallas Stout

Debra Stout

Doug Swanson

Lisa Tran

Yuying Tsong

Justin Tucker

Michael Turi

Elizabeth Turi

Karen Wong

Adam Woods

Jindong Wu