Low Cost Course Materials

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There are multiple options to reduce the cost of academic materials for students. At Cal State Fullerton the alternatives are to offer free, free-to-students, or low cost materials.




Digital Textbooks

digital bookAlso, be known as e-Textbooks or e-texts. They can be as simple as a PDF version of a printed textbook. Today, many e-Textbooks are interactive and can access multimedia content, including embedded videos and interactive presentations, and hyperlinks. Testing, assessment tools, and the ability to customize within the e-Textbooks are features that may be available as well. Digital e-Textbooks may provide improved access and offer a different or better learning experience for students with disabilities. High-contrast displays or text to speech programs can provide visually impaired students access to content that a traditional print text could not.


Enhanced OER

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Open Educational Resource (OER) enhanced/integrated to include interactive capabilities such as interactive e-Textbooks, access to multimedia content, and embedded videos, presentations, and hyperlinks. Testing, assessment tools, and the ability to customize the OER content. Some vendors have adapted OER into more enhanced solutions, which may include a fee.


Print Textbooks Used - Rental – Loose Leaf 

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Publisher books, although available for purchase in alternative ways, continue to be expensive. Used textbooks prices are 25% or more off the new textbook price. Rentals are 25% to 60% off, and loose-leaf textbooks may be available through publishers at a reduced cost. Contact  Titan Shops Bookstore  Opens in new window for additional information.


Adaptive Learning Platforms-Tools 

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Innovative online learning systems-tools-products are also known as online homework systems that use comprehensive online curriculum resources that personalize the education experience to achieve measurable learning outcomes and enable collaborative learning.






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