Where to find Open Books

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OER has the most number of resources dedicated to General Ed courses, this is a list of the places where you can find complete textbooks that are free and open to use.

2012 Book ArchiveOpens in new window Creative Commons-licensed copies of all the books which were available online from a specific publisher at the end of 2012.

American Institute of MathematicsOpens in new window approved open textbooks.

Aviation Handbooks and Manuals Open Textbooks on Aviation from the Federal Aviation Administration (US).

BCCampusOpens in new window OpenEd is a collection of open textbooks aligned with the top 40 highest-enrolled subject areas, trades, technology, and skills training.

BookboonOpens in new window Online textbooks for free.

Digital Collections Library of the CongressOpens in new window

FlatWorldOpens in new window

FreeBooks4Doctors Free medical textbooks.

Google Books Some books presented in this mass conglomeration of scanned books are fully available, most are excerpted.

Highly Rated TextbooksOpens in new window by Cool4Ed.

INTECHOpens in new window Science, Technology & Medicine Open Access books.

Knowledge UnlatchedOpens in new window Free access to scholarly content.

LibretextsOpens in new window Multi-institutional collaborative effort to improve education at all levels of higher learning by developing Open Access Resources.

Loyal BooksOpens in new window Free Public Domain Audiobooks and eBooks Downloads.

Lumen Learning Opens in new window Boundless

Lyryx Open Textbooks Lyryx offers high-quality open textbooks in the fields of accounting, mathematics, and economics. They also have optional added (paid) resources such as homeworks and quizzes to accompany the open textbooks.

MUSEOpens in new window in collaboration with Cornell University Press.

NOBAOpens in new window teach and learn psychology for free.

OAPENOpens in new window freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences.

OpenhumanitiespressOpens in new window International, scholar-led open access publishing collective.

Open SUNY TextbooksOpens in new window State University of New York.

Open Culture Opens in new window Stanford University.

Open Textbook LibraryOpens in new window University of Minnesota.

OpenStax CollegeOpens in new window

Project Gutenberg mostly public domain books.

Saylor.orgOpens in new window

Textbook Revolution Opens in new window a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors.

The WAC ClearinghouseOpens in new window Writing and Composition.

The Public Domain ReviewOpens in new window focus on works which have now fallen into the public domain.

WikibooksOpens in new window

Writing CommonsOpens in new window Writing and Research.