Meet Some of the Rebound Scholars


Daniel, Business Major


Major: Business Administration

Concentration: Accounting

Daniel's goals are to complete his Bachelor's degree in Accounting and to return to corporate employment in the food manufacturing sector.


My education has always been the cornerstone to the success in my life. Regardless of the challenges that I have faced, continuing my education has always helped me overcome adversity. Project Rebound is a program that I am proud to be a part of. The mission is to help those who need a friend or a mentor in finding their path through the gauntlet of challenges that students face when entering their postsecondary education. When no one is around to help, I want to be that person that is ready to say, 'Welcome to Project Rebound, my name is Daniel, and I am here to help.'







Robert, Human Services Major


Major: Human Services

Minor: Psychology

Robert is President of Students 4 Autism, a club at CSUF that promotes awareness about the autism spectrum and provides a safe place for students on the autistic spectrum to engage in open dialogue with other individuals in the community with different backgrounds, and to engage in social events on and off campus.

I have had a blast at CSUF! On the inside, I was able to earn an Associate’s degree from Coastline Community College via distance learning. I mailed in my coursework assignments and took proctored tests. There was no real instruction; the learning was entirely through textbooks. We did what we could to make college work on the inside. My college experiences here at CSUF are much better. There are smart and engaging professors, positive co-students, and involving on-campus events. I have excelled socially and educationally. Moreover, it has been fun! I’m looking forward to the development and growth of Project Rebound. I want to see others like me make positive changes, and Cal State Fullerton is one way to do it.