TGS-Approved Programs & Events

Hello Scholars! 

As your agreement stated, you are required to attend  two programs/events each semester (fall and spring). These  programs/events are existing campus programs and/or events that align with your academic and personal interests, such as career workshops, college-specific events, resource center programs, leadership opportunities, and personal wellness... only to name a few! This requirement is intended for your benefit and to fit your availability and can last from 30 minutes to a few hours.  TGS is here to partner with you as you explore these opportuntites.

You  choose what works best for you! 


Two (2) TGS-approved programs are required for all scholars. At least one of the programs must be related to careers, or hosted by the Career Center. “Proof of Attendance” form must be completed, signed, and submitted to PLN-203 for credit for each event before the end of each semester.

Choose a program or event that is happening on campus hosted by your college, a department, or resource center, and plan to attend the ENTIRE event . The purpose of the programs is to connect and engage you with the CSUF community, and provide you with impactful and transformative experiences outside of the classroom.

If there is a program or event on campus that you are not sure qualifies, and you would like to inquire about getting credit, please visit us at PLN-203 or email us at to discuss the program or event.