ULC Online Writing Tutoring

How does online writing tutoring work?

Use the same tab top left for making appointments in the ULC.

We will review up to five pages of your paper. Follow the instructions on the form answering all of the questions so the tutor can best respond to your paper draft. You must put something in every box. Upload your paper from an MS Word program and hit the submit button once. A receipt is immediately sent to your CSUF email account.You should receive your paper back with the tutor's suggestions for revision within 2 to 4 business days depending on how many papers are in the online tutor's queue. The tutor cannot 'correct' grammar, punctuation or citations in an online setting. If that is your concern, please make an appointment with a tutor so that they can help you work through your paper and make your own edits.

The last day to submit papers to the online tutor each semester is at noon the Friday prior to the last week of instruction.

We'll use that last week of instruction to carefully review all papers and turn them around in our 2-4 business day timeframe. OLW is not available during intersessions. 

Should you have any questions or problems with your submission, contact Dr. Lea Beth Lewis, Assistant Director, at lblewis@fullerton.edu