General Education Writing Requirements


UPS 411.201

The GE Writing Requirement is described in the fifth paragraphPDF File of UPS 411.201.

"General Education courses shall include student writing appropriate to the course. Writing in General Education courses shall involve the organization and expression of complex data or ideas. Instructors shall provide careful and timelt evaluations of writing so that deficiencies are identified and suggestions are offered for improvement on subsequent writing in the course. Evaluations of the student's writing competence shall be used in determining the final course grade. WHen a student is enrolled in a combined lecture and laboratory course, the laboratory portion of the course may be used to satisfy the General Education writing requirement."


General Education WAC Workshop


Are you proposing or updating a General Education (GE) course for your department? After reviewing CSUF’s GE Writing Goals and some basic writing pedagogy, this workshop will introduce an effective process for incorporating writing into your GE courses. Participants will leave with a few writing activities with which to gauge student competence in their course’s student learning outcomes.  Please bring a syllabus. 

This workshop is available through the Faculty Development Center (FDC) and also by appointment at departmental meetings or retreats.