WAC Certificate

CSUF values writing and the ways writing can enhance learning in any class. To support faculty and staff interested in teaching with writing, the Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) Program is offering a WAC Certificate through the FDC. This certificate program will familiarize candidates with WAC theory and practice and enable them to incorporate meaningful writing assignments into their courses.  Click here Opens in new window to access your FDC Certificates for these workshops.

The annual deadline for WAC Certificate portfolios is the first Friday of October; email them to wac@fullerton.edu.


  • adam golub
    Adam Golub, Ph.D.
    Professor and Graduate Advisor, American Studies

    "The WAC workshops inspired me to explore the many different ways we can use writing to help students think and discover ideas. Since earning the WAC certificate, I've become much more focused on incorporating both formal and informal writing activities in my courses as a way to enhance class discussions, help students process what they are reading, encourage creative thinking, and teach the conventions of writing in my discipline."
  • eric rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez, MBA, Ed.D
    Professor, College of Business and Economics
    "I did not expect to learn so much from the WAC workshops. For example, my approach to designing prompts and assignment guides have resulted in positive student feedback. I have simplified and clarified so much of the material. The workshops helped me design purposeful and effective low-stakes and high-stakes class writing activities. The WAC workshops made a significant difference in teaching approach."
  • vanessa ferreira
    Vanessa Ferreira, MA
    Part-Time Lecturer, English
    "The WAC workshops have helped to inform my teaching in upper division writing courses immensely. I have seen a huge improvement in my courses in terms of preparing students to write within their respective disciplines. Most notably, by incorporating different genres and scaffolding various low-stakes and high-stakes assignments in purposeful ways, I have observed students become more engaged while exhibiting a greater comprehension of the class material.  "
  • Guadalupe Diaz Lara
    Guadalupe Diaz Lara, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Department of Child & Adolescent Studies
    "The WAC workshops have helped inform my teaching tremendously. I have been able to incorporate more intentional writing opportunities and provide feedback more effectively.  I have observed that students feel more confident in their writing, more comfortable asking questions, and have improved their engagement and understanding of course concepts."


WAC Certificate recipients will receive a letter of commendation from the AVP of Faculty Support Services for their FAR files, an electronic certificate (“badge”) for their webpage, and eligibility to apply for a grant of up to $800 for travel to a WAC- or writing-related scholarly conference.


Current CSUF part-time and full-time faculty and staff are eligible. WAC Portfolios and Travel Grant applications will be evaluated by the WAC Advisory Committee.

Certificate Requirements

1. WAC Workshops:

  • Using Writing to Learn in Any Class,
  • Designing Effective Writing Prompts for Any Class,
  • Formative Feedback for Student Writers,
  • and any two additional   WAC workshops OR Completion of ONE WAC Guest Speaker event

2. A Portfolio containing:

  • A list of the WAC workshops (titles and semester/year) completed by the candidate.
  • A list of the candidate’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) or "Objectives" for ONE course in their discipline,
  • 2-3 writing-to-learn activities relevant to the course mentioned above (feel free to use activities created during the workshops--review the workshop discussion boards for yours!). 
  • 1 prompt for a formal writing assignment relevant to the course mentioned above (feel free to use a prompt created during the workshops--review the workshop discussion boards for yours!).
  • A list of the most common writing norms in the candidate’s disciplines. Need help?  Check out Miami University’s descriptions of disciplinary writing conventions.  These will help the committee, who may not be familiar with your field's writing norms.
  • A 500-750-word reflection that:
    1. Describes the course and learning outcome(s) to which the enclosed activities and prompt apply (150 words or fewer),
    2.  Uses WAC theory to explain how and to what end these activities and prompt would be used to increase learning in the described course, and
    3. Reflects upon how the WAC workshops will inform the candidate’s future teaching.
    4. Certifies that at least 50% of the enclosed activities are original, and cites the source(s) of those that are not.


There is no application.  To earn the certificate, simply complete the requirements listed above and email your portfolio to wac@fullerton.edu by the first Friday of October any year.

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