Writing Across the Curriculum at CSUF

Departmental/Unit Services


WAC Services Available for Departments

Deliver WAC workshops at department meetings or retreats.

Assist in the development of new or improved upper-division writing courses, whether “intensive” (a single course) or “complementary” (two courses), in compliance with  UPS 320.020.PDF File

Assist in the design of writing prompts or rubrics for “capstone” and coordinated courses.


WAC Workshops Available for Department Meetings and Retreats:

  • Designing Effective Writing Prompts for Any Class
  • Clear, Concise Sentences: Five Quick Strategies
  • Using Writing to Learn in Any Class
  • GE Goals and Writing Pedagogy
  • Leading Effective Peer Reviews to Increase Feedback for Writers
  • Experts’ Notebooks: Increasing Course Writing; Reducing Grading Time
  • Reduce Grading Time with Writing Rubrics
  • Reduce Grading Time with Turnitin
  • Reduce Grading Time with Formative Feedback



WAC Program Mission:

The WAC Program aims to improve writing and learning across campus, to support faculty as they integrate writing into their courses, and to create a campus culture that values writing and the ways writing can enhance learning.


Contact Us

To request a departmental workshop, email Leslie Bruce at lbruce@fullerton.edu
Individual faculty can register for any workshop by visiting the FDC website