Virtual Thesis Retreats at Pollak Library

Stop Worrying and Start Writing!


All students writing theses, capstone projects, and dissertations are warmly invited to attend a Virtual Thesis Writing Retreat at Pollak. Accelerate your progress with personalized research and writing support from Librarian Research Consultants and Graduate Writing Consultants. Get motivated in specially-designed breakout sessions focused on the key writing and research skills CSUF students say impede their writing progress. Unwrap this gift of focused writing time in the convenience of your own home study spot. It’s your retreat—use the time your way.

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Registration in required


Register for one or all three Fall 2022 online retreats below.

10 AM-1 PM

Special Breakout Sessions

  • Time Management for Long Projects with Natsuki Atagi
  • Writing in the Humanities with Adam Golub


FRIDAY, nov. 4
10 AM-1 PM

Special Breakout Sessions

  • TBD


Friday, Dec. 2
10 AM-1 PM

Special Breakout Sessions

  • TBD



  • donna whitman
    "Writing my Master thesis ... was manageable this semester because I attended the three writing retreats. I received support to make progress on my paper. I received powerful word search combinations from a CSUF librarian to find peer reviewed scientific articles relevant to my topic at the library. I also received valuable advice in how to synthesize the articles in my paper. And I was surrounded by other students working hard to make progress in the same breakout room. It really helped me find community to complete my thesis. Thank you!" - Donna Whitman, Three-Treat  Winner
  • melina wulin"During the Thesis Retreats, I addressed researching issues, writing organization, clarifying some statistical questions, and managing time. I highly recommend both undergrads and grad students take advantage of the Thesis Retreats because I could get hyper-focus on my writing during and after the sessions. I finished my work, and my writing anxiety diminished thanks to all the help and encouragement I had from the retreats. Thank you so much for offering this service." - Melina Wulin, Three-Treat Winner
  • sara brune"Thank you for putting on the Thesis Retreats! I appreciated having a dedicated time and space to write my MA project. I found the Retreats extremely helpful because they motivated me to accomplish small goals for each day and I was able to get quality feedback from the Writing Consultant. " -Sara Brune

Benefits of Thesis Retreats 

Flexible for Busy Students

  • Students can attend part or all of any retreat.
  • Students can attend any single retreat, or all three.
  • Students can write, collaborate, or attend special breakout sessions.

What Can Students Do at a Thesis Retreat?

  • Join our Writers' Boot Camp to write, research, or collaborate in focused 25-minute sessions. 
  • Boost their research with individual assistance.
  • Improve their writing with personal guidance.
  • Build focus and commitment by writing in the presence of others.
  • Discover writing resources at CSUF.

Empowering Opportunities

Pollak Librarians will help you

  • Beat writers' block
  • Explore research topics
  • Access thesis-writing resources
  • Use APA, MLA, and other styles
  • Access texts from beyond CSUF
  • And more!

Join the Three-Treat Challenge!

Three-Treat Rules

Participate in all three Spring Retreats for a chance to win Titan Shops gear. Prizes will be raffled after the last Spring Retreat.  Challenge “participation” requires completing the Goal Setting Sheet AND one other approved activity at each Retreat (see next column).. 

3-Treat "Participation" activities include:

  • 1 Appointment with Research Librarian
  • 1 Appointment with Writing Consultant
  • Participation in a Breakout Session
  • 1 hour of writing or collaborating in the Writers' Boot Camp.

3-Treat Social Media Challenges

Follow us at @CSUFwrites on Twitter and/or Instagram and complete social media prompts for a chance to win Titan Shops prizes after each Retreat!