Acevedo, Donna

Community Activist; anti-police brutality





An oral history of Ms. Donna Acevedo, a community activist in Anaheim. The purpose of this interview is explore grassroots activism from a mother’s perspective. This interview is part of an oral history project for Dr. Fousekis’ 492A Community History course and part of the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Project. Specifically, this interview deals with Ms. Acevedo’s journey towards activism after her son, Joel Acevedo was shot and killed by Anaheim Police on July 22, 2012. Her son’s death marked the second police shooting in Anaheim within two days which sparked the Anaheim uprisings. Her son was killed the day after Manuel Diaz. Ms. Acevedo has used her role as a mother to advocate for police and city council reform. Ms. Acevedo reflects on growing up in Anaheim, the police department, neighborhood safety, and community representation. She explains her distrust of the police report released involving her son’s shooting. Living in Anaheim her entire life, her commitment to her community shows through her continued efforts to make direct change by constantly attending city council meetings and discussions with the Anaheim police department.


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Description> Donna Acevedo with poster of her son, Joel Acevedo, which she brings to every protest, 2013.