Marín, Rosario

Former United States Treasurer; former mayor of Huntington Park, CA; former secretary of the California State and Consumer Services Agency; activist for the mentally challenged; Republican





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Title An oral history with Rosario Marin
Date 2017-10-17
OH ID OH 5993
Citation Rosario Marín interviewed by Brenda St. Hilaire, October 17, 2017, Huntington Park, California, Oral History # 5993, transcript, Women Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage, Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton.
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Location Huntington Park, California
Language English
Subjects Locations → Mexico City, Mexico
Family → Parents
Citizenship → Immigration
Education → English as a Second Language (ESL)
Education → English as a Second Language (ESL) → Language Barriers
Discrimination, Racism, & Segregation
Discrimination, Racism, & Segregation → at School
Discrimination, Racism, & Segregation → at School → Spanish
Gender and Sexuality → Gender Roles
Education → Higher Education
Family → Marriage
Family → Children
Health, Medicine, and Awareness → Depression
Direct Action → Lobbying
Elected Officials → Gubernatorial (Governor) → Deukmejian, George
Family → Parenting → Working Mom
Historic Periods → 1990s
Elections → Propositions → Proposition 187
Elections → Local Elections
Elections → Election Campaign Strategies
Republican Party → California Republican Party
Police and Law Enforcement → Gang(s)
Elected Officials → Congressional → U.S. Senate → Barbara Boxer
Elections → Presidential Elections → Election 2016 (Trump/Clinton)
People → Trump, Donald
Recreation and Leisure → Travel
Ideology → Feminism
Elected Officials → Gubernatorial (Governor) → Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Locations → Huntington Park, California
City Council → Huntington Park City Council
Health, Medicine, and Awareness → mentally challenged/developmentally disabled
Activism → Disability rights
Latino/a → Organizations → Familias Unidas En Respuesta al Sindrome Down y Otras Alteraciones
Elected Officials → Presidential → President George W. Bush
Latino/a → Elected / Appointed Officials → Fox, Vicente
Government Agencies/Positions → U.S. Treasurer


An oral history with Rosario Marín, a prominent Republican Latina in California. This interview is part of the Women, Politics, and Activism Oral History Project. The purpose of this interview was to learn more about Marin’s time in local and national politics. Marín was a former member of the Huntington Park City Council and the city’s first Hispanic mayor. She then served under California Governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and notably, served as the Treasurer of the United States under President George W. Bush. Specifically, the interview discusses the political transformation of the California Republican Party from the 1990s to present, particularly from a Latina’s perspective; recalls highlights from her life, starting with humble beginnings in Mexico City to her swearing-in as the 41st Treasurer of the United States; remembers her campaign for city council and her success in transforming Huntington Park; talks about the challenges of California Proposition 187 and its controversial ads; shares her participation in the campaigns of Pete Wilson and George W. Bush; reiterates her immense respect for George W. Bush and what it meant to work for him; recollects the challenges of being wife, mother, and politician; speaks about Eric, her son with Down’s Syndrome, which led to her dedicated advocacy for the mentally-challenged; describes running for U.S. Senate in 2004 [to challenge incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer] only to have the California Republican Party choose a male candidate instead; discusses her position and working in the Schwarzenegger Administration; provides her opinions on President Donald Trump, particularly the comment he made that led Marín to endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.


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