McCracken, Shirley

Former member, Anaheim City Council





An oral history with Shirley McCracken, former Anaheim city councilwoman. This interview is part of the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Project, and part of Dr. Natalie Fousekis’ History 493A oral history course. Specifically, this interview deals with McCracken’s childhood growing up in Rochester, New York; parochial high school and college years; importance of her Catholic faith; early political messages; joining the Sisters of Saint Joseph and living as a nun; teaching years; obtaining her Masters in Mathematics at Marquette University; her move to California and teaching in Anaheim; meeting her husband; her involvement in various women’s community organizations; obtaining her PhD in Managerial Leadership from La Jolla University; her campaign for Anaheim City Council in 1996, and her subsequent eight years on the council; dealing with challenges of being on the council; important issues and achievements while serving; leadership of women versus men; her involvement in various committees and projects; why it is important for women to be involved; views on current American politics; definition of feminism; and finally, shares proudest moments.


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