Pérez, Rossana

Co-founder of El Rescate and Clínica Msr. Oscar Romero





An oral history with Rossana Pérez, co-founder of El Rescate and Clínica Msr. Oscar Romero. This interview was conducted for the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Project, headed by the Center for Oral and Public History at California State University, Fullerton. The purpose of this interview is to better understand Pérez’ life as an activist and refugee from El Salvador. Specifically, this interview discusses Pérez’s formative years as a grassroots student organizer in El Salvador, months before the country’s civil war began; remembers particular wartime events, such as the disappearance [and assumed death] of her husband; recalls her imprisonment, where she was tortured; retells her journey from El Salvador to California, and how she became involved with Salvadorian refugees during the 1980s; explains her organizing efforts with the Central American community and her involvement with organizations such as El Rescate and CARECEN [Central American Resource Center]; recollects her participation in establishing the first Central American Studies program, and the first Central American Research Institute, at California State University, Northridge; reflects on what it means to be a feminist and an immigrant activist; and finally, discusses her book, Flight to Freedom: The Story of Central American Refugees in California.


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