Miscikowski, Cindy

Former Los Angeles City Councilwoman





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Title An oral history with Cindy Miscikowski
Date 2016-06-07
OH ID OH 5853
Citation Cindy Miscikowski interviewed by Natalie Fousekis, June 7, 2016, Los Angeles, California, Oral History #5853, transcript, Women Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage, Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton.
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Created At 2017-07-30 19:18:12 UTC
Location Los Angeles, CA
Language English
Subjects Family → Childhood Experiences
Family → Siblings
Religion → Catholicism
Family → Family Histories and Traditions
Military → World War II
Family → Divorce → Single Parent Home
Education → Early Childhood Education
African American → Events → Civil Rights Movement (1960s)
Family → Grandparents
Education → Higher Education
Military → Vietnam War
War → Vietnam War → Vietnam War Protests
City Council → Los Angeles City Council
Family → Courtship
Family → Marriage
Elections → Election Campaigns
Elections → Redistricting
Historic Periods → 1980s
Family → Role Models
Sexism → Sexism in Politics
Sexism → Sexism in the Workplace
Leadership → Female versus Male Leadership
Gender and Sexuality → Feminism
Environmentalism → Park space and development
Environmentalism → Land use
Police and Law Enforcement → Police Department → Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
Military → Military Family
Elected Officials → City Council → Zev Yaroslavsky
Women in the Workplace → Chief of Staff
Elected Officials → City Council → Ruth Galanter
Family → Child Care → Joy Picus Child Development Center
Environmentalism → Development/Developers


An oral history of Cindy Miscikowski, former Los Angeles City Councilwoman. The interview was conducted for the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Oral History Project for California State University, Fullerton’s Center for Oral and Public History. The purpose of this interview was to gather information regarding her political career including her time on the L.A. City Council. Specifically, this interview talks about Miscikowski’s childhood as a Navy dependent; remembers coming to California; explains why she moved to Washington D.C. in her junior year; decision to go to UCLA and why she switched her major from chemistry to political science; talks about her early political involvement and her years of working for L.A. City Councilmember, Marvin Braude; describes differences working in a district office vs. at city hall; talks about her passion for city planning and development; experience of working at city hall as a woman; why the creation of Santa Monica Mountain Park and the passage of Propositions O and U were some of her greatest successes working for Councilman Braude; talks about how she met her husband, Doug; explains why she ran for Marvin Braude’s council seat in 1997 , her campaign strategy, and reaction to winning the elrecalls her first days in office; key issues she worked on as councilwoman including public safety, battling resistance from the LAPD, and creating neighborhood councils; challenges of re-districting; relationship between female councilmembers; sexism at city hall as staffer and councilmember; differences between how men and women lead; describes her leadership style; how her parents responded to her political success; why she considers herself a feminist; talks about gender discrimination women face as elected officials; why there are so few women in elected office; shares advice for women interested in a political career; how Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election would impact future women running for office; talks about life post-politics including serving on the Board of Harbor Commission; talks about what she is most proud of in her life; and finally, reflects on experience of losing a political race.


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Description> Cindy Miscikowski, 2016.
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Description> Cindy Miscikowski and interviewer, Natalie Fousekis, 2016.
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Description> Cindy Miscikowski during interview, 2016.
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Description> Cindy Miscikowski and interviewer, Natalie Fousekis, 2016.