Dauderman, Bobbi

Board Member, Women of Vision; Anti-sex trafficking activist





An interview with Bobbi Dauderman, founder of World Vision in Orange County, California and board member of Women in Vision This interview is a contribution to the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Oral History Project and part of Dr. Natalie Fousekis’ History 493A Course. The purpose of this interview was to gather her life history and work within World Vision and Women of Vision. Specifically, this interview details Dauderman’s family life and childhood being raised by a widowed, single mother in the 1950s, and how it affected her views on the status of women in American society; discusses the role that her upbringing and faith had in shaping her activism; how she became involved in political activism while living in the Dominican Republic with her husband; how she worked with government agencies to arrange for adoptions of Dominican orphans by American families; her involvement and experiences with Bread for the World in the eighties, a U.S. nonprofit that lobbies at the federal level for improved food programs, domestically and abroad; how she established World Vision in Orange County, California, to fight human trafficking; her work with Women in Vision and community work with education and graduation rates; discusses her work with Beyond 5 Task Force; speaks about how she was introduced to the issue of human trafficking, from a representative of World Vision, a Christian, non-profit based in the United States; major obstacles she has faced in her advocacy against human trafficking; reflects on a lifetime spent as an activist and why ending human trafficking is so important to her; her thoughts on women in politics and activism; and finally, describes her role as a “connector;” how she has brought people together, to connect them with the challenges faced in our local and global community.


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Description> Bobbi Dauderman and interviewer, Moriah Schnose, 2015.