Fuhrman, Mary

Former Member Buena Park School District Governing Board; Former President and member of the League of Women Voters of North Orange County





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Title An oral history with Mary Fuhrman
Date 2016-08-25
OH ID OH 5899
Citation Mary Fuhrman interviewed by Scherly Virgill, August 25, 2016, Buena Park, California, Oral History #5899, transcript, Women Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage, Center for Oral and Public History, California State University, Fullerton.
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Created At 2017-07-30 19:18:16 UTC
Location Buena Park, CA
Language English
Subjects Family → Childhood Experiences
Family → Grandparents
Gender and Sexuality → Gender Roles
War → World War II → Pearl Harbor
Family → Courtship
Family → Marriage
Education → Higher Education
Community Organizations → League of Women Voters (LWV)
Community Organizations → Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
Elections → Election Campaign Strategies
Education → School Board
Leadership → Female versus Male Leadership
Family → Childhood Experiences → children of immigrants or refugees
Activism → Education Activism


An oral history of Mary Furhman, former Buena Park School District Governing Board member, retired Buena Park teacher of 23 years, former president and active member of the League of Women Voters of North Orange County. The interview was conducted for the Women, Politics, and Activism Since Suffrage Oral History Project for California State University, Fullerton’s Center for Oral and Public History. The purpose of this interview was to gather information regarding Furhman’s service in the Buena Park School District and the League of Women Voters. Specifically, this interview discusses Furhman’s childhood in a small town that cared very much about education; explains that profits from the oil industry were invested in educational programs that allowed many students to learn how to play an instrument; discusses how career options for women were limited, but education encouraged; describes the day she heard about Pearl Harbor and celebrating at the end of the war; discusses her involvement in the League of Women Voters and its desire to recruit young members and minority groups; explains the League’s proud role in the 2016 presidential election; speaks about the League’s community work, such as preparing “Pros and Cons” forums on candidates and ballot issues; discusses how the League of Women Voters of North Orange County is organized and its division into five committee teams; discusses involvement in the Buena Park School District; recalls her election in 1994; shares how she received support of both the teacher’s union and the classified union to run her campaign; discusses selection of Carol Riley, the first woman superintendent of the district; shares opinion on how men and women lead; and finally, discusses personal views on feminism and current American politics.


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